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CASPER UPDATE: June 10, 2008

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 Deliveries may occur at any moment. Take the daily twist and turns with a grain of salt.
Remember now, WE DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING. So here is the wheat and here is the chaff, and here is our opinion.
The "FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS" in D.C. Friday night migrated to New York. Some say it had to do with the Congressional appeal to the World Court. Others say it had to do with the fact that buttons got pushed suddenly and without BUSH et al knowing and he was screaming at the lawyers in New York to "get some papers filed".    i.e.      'RUT ROW' !
BUSH was before the World Court Monday morning (in person we think) demanding a delay in the opening of the suitcase. Initial reports yesterday said he didn't get his reprieve. Today the verdict is split; some say he demanded 50 years which is the usual for Presidents like Wilson and FDR and got it, others say he was thrown out of court. A third story says he "got some time" perhaps until after the elections. One of these 'stories'  is true, the others are CIA 'stories'.     You chose.
 The World Court and Intel coming out of there can not be trusted. HIGGINS AND SIX HELPERS have been involved in embezzling and trading O-P-M (other peoples money) i.e. OUR MONEY and don't want the "suitcase" released as they are implicated in many ways. There are 15 judges on the Court. WE hear seven bank accounts have been seized.
Deliveries were "for sure" today, now we hear tomorrow. Whether they are "tomorrow" or "right away" or whether they are "imminent" they are coming, so relax. Find your car, your house.    "Secret" buttons have been pushed.  
Look for a Major Bank and the Fed Res "system" to crash. Metals backed Treasury rises. Constitution is restored and "EMERGENCY POWERS" ended or else "WE HAVE ONLY BEGUN TO FIGHT".
GW tried to blackmail the World Court "you are in on it too". When that didn't work we hear he threw the CLINTONS under the bus. "They did it-not us, we must save our family name". Hogwash.
 The Court does not want the suitcase released and themselves EXPOSED. No telling what kind of secret deal they made and then passed out lies worldwide. They are all corrupt. The World Court, the Supreme Court, the puppet politicians, the media, the CIA, the Administration etc etc..
If this TREASON has not been successfully dealt with before our funding , Let US see to it that the job gets finished,
that every American be advised of the truth of what happened to the REPUBLIC, THE CONSTITUTION, THE COUNTRY AND TO THEMSELVES.
Today's activities included notifying all judges, all politicians and all the other DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS that any interference in deliveries tomorrow will result in immediate arrest and incarceration.
             casper   6-10-08