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Casper Update: June 9, 2008

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The CIA continues to throw confetti and now initiates calls themselves spreading disinfo all over the world. They work for CHENEY, BUSH and HALLIBURTON.
Let us not forget that there is more than one D.C. area toilet needing flushing.
Get ready spooks, your day is coming SOON.
It's time your kids and grandkids learn the full extent of your TREASON.
BUSH tried and failed to get the WORLD COURT to suppress the release of the SUITCASE.
Perhaps not all of them are corrupt??
The packs, which had gone out-again-late Saturday night were pulled back to the Court in D.C. Sunday morning. The sewer rats are scrambling, grasping at any straw. They are now back out again so lets hope they stay gone--now read between the lines.
The FED RES and the Banks are in deep doo doo so don't be surprised by breaking news. CHASE is a ROCKEFELLER Bank..not a Rothschild's Bank. They were the first to put their fist in our cookie jar a decade ago.
That's why our "deal" was taken from them and given to NATIONS which later bought B. of A. and changed their name to B. of A.
They put both hands and one foot in our cookie jar and lost our deal themselves in subsequent years.
BUSH is over the edge, "gone round the bend", maniacal and out of ammo we hear.
The lights are going to be turned on then watch the cockroaches scatter.
                      casper   6-9-8