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Casper Update: June 6, 2008

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Our Intel regarding the 25% off the top BUSH/CHENEY/WORLD BANK SCAM with G-8 and WLD. COURT approval as reported by STORY and others yesterday, and again today, remains the same as we previously reported which is that THEY did not get the money and THEY are not going to get the money.
Also, WE continue to disagree with all reports saying packs went to banks for delivery to us after arriving from BRUSSELS.  OUR Intel says they were held by BRINKS in NEW YORK since Tuesday.
The most recent delay, we hear, was not caused by the EMERGENCY MEETING or the 25% or any of the other "grapevine" excuses de jure but rather because SWISS BANKERS working for GREENSPAN and BUSH again had their sticky fingers in the till, specifically OUR INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNTS.
They were skimmimg money as fast as they could go, moving $$ from our accounts to other accounts so that when we activated our debit cards we would only be advised of a percentage of the true amount we had coming then after activation THEY would access what they had skimmed. This planned rip-off was designed by GREENSPAN for BUSH but could not have been accomplished without the assistance of the SWISS BANKERS so guess where not to bank for those of you going offshore. A minimum of seven Bankers were involved mostly from CREDIT SUISSE. As WE have reported previously our accounts are "monitored". When account balances began to change mysteriously it was spotted and the CHINESE were called. The Bankers got BUSTED.  CHINA forcibly and physically removed the Bankers who now reside with the detained members of WU's family. They are now singing a song about HIGGINS (HMQ's flunky at the WLD. COURT) having approved all this for GREENSPAN and they quote her as saying "we do not deserve this money". Needless to say LITTLE HITLER (BUSH) is mad as hell so watch out for his next maniacal move. All funds have been returned to their proper place and we are ready to move forward------again. 
WE hear the WORLD BANK was in on this as well as some of HIGGINS HELPERS at the WORLD COURT.
Isn't it interesting what money will do to people? Or greed? Or what people will do for money? Is this not an appropriate last minute warning as to the care we must each take in our dealings with anyone anywhere in the financial community?
WE expect delv Saturday.
                      casper    D-DAY   2008