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Casper Update: June 5, 2008

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This is the day we understood we were to go on the gold std., global banking, deliveries etc..
We are unable to verify yes or no on gld. and banking but delv's should have occurred by now and have not.
News yesterday was Bilderbergs called EMERGENCY afternoon meeting (Cheney involved) in advance of scheduled start this morning. He wanted war-immediately-we hear, but didn't get it. This morning the Sec. of the Air and the Airforce chief of staff "resign" as had Admiral Fallon some weeks ago. All opposed an attack on IRAN.
So many sources heard offshore packs came in from Brussels to be "married" with onshore packs for delivery today possibly by the bankers themselves. We did not agree as our Intel says all domestic packs to CHINA/BRUSSELS/U.S. so there was nothing to "marry up" with. We felt it was not to important as ALL sources had delivery today and that rendered the rest mute. I am referring to a couple of dozen important sources all over the world said today. All funds once again moved offshore, domestic access arranged and safe we are assured.
It's late afternoon, delv are not underway, something is wrong and we don't know what it is-yet.
JFK also said he was going to clean out the cesspool known as the CIA even if he had to shut it down. Whatever is happening right now you can bet they are at the very core of it.
Since Monday we have been hearing from sources comments such as "the next two or three days are among the most critical days in the history of the United States". They were referring to the immediacy of the funding process coupled with the desperation of those opposing it. Concerns were expressed about war, Marshall Law, HLS, etc..
During this time we also heard the news media, both print and broadcast, were expressing FEAR of what would happen if they made ANY announcements as it would come out that they had taken enormous bribes to bury the suitcase, 9-11, the "ranch" and other things. They said-or were quoted as saying-"the American people will burn every station and newspaper to the ground if they find out". We hear the 2B to CNN in times gone by was a "down payment". From other sources we hear even the account numbers and amounts of the bribes have been traced, discovered, and pinned down. Is this the reason for no deliveries today as every single source expected?? That announcements are being blocked??? WE don't know-yet.
How does the raid and "capture" of 7000 safe deposit boxes and vaults in LONDON Tuesday play into this? WE don't know-yet. 
Why has Mr Langley gone into hiding unseen by those who were talking to him daily before he co-operated in the attempted trade of our funds two weeks ago??
One IMF source, awaiting access to his funds after us, got a call this afternoon kicking him into next week. 
There are loosey goosey reports of deliveries today, unable to verify. Freedom and Savage programs were mentioned.
WE hear HALLIBURTON has had their "facilities" in the PENTAGON for 20 years. That all the top brass there care about is preservation of the status quo and retention of their kick back operations. That the Airforce guys were "required" to resign.
Imagine the 300m people of the U.S. in a pyramid. The five percent at the top controlling the ninety five percent for a hundred or more years and unwilling to let go. Bought, bribed, blackmailed and corrupt beyond words, this 5% is EVIL. Actually EVIL. Willing to do anything, anything, to hold on and avoid EXPOSURE. This, in our judgment, is what is going on and the likeliest reason behind today's delay. Although invisible to the general public WE/YOU have read and seen and learned enough to realize the magnitude of this WAR. No doubt there are many many aspects of it we are not given to understand but not even Sherlock with a magnifying glass could find anything good or moral coming from our leaders. With the CHI-COMS as part of the opposing equation along with BRUSSELS, G-7, and the WORLD it appears all are lined up against the ruling elite of our nation. The reasons seem obvious, WE have no nation. THEY took it from us and turned it into the most gigantic criminal enterprise in the history of the world. It is THEY the world opposes, not "us". The politicians, the military brass, the courts incl the SUPREMES, the Bankers, FED RES, IRS, multi-nationals controlling the food supplies and energy prices, CIA, the secret societies, the incorporated depts and agencies especially HLS, even law enforcement, Wall Street, now joined by a corrupted fourth estate, the five percent continue to fight to the death to preserve their control of the rest of us. 
Over coming this band of savages, many DULY ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE, without destroying the country itself or the 95% in the process is difficult. It could be done quickly if the peoples well being were not a primary consideration, CHINA and others simply pull the plug and down we go over night. No one wants that except perhaps our own leaders who would rather that than EXPOSURE even if they have to create that outcome themselves. 
As always we are forced to wait for the "big boys" to sort it out and overcome THEM one more time and in our opinion there is no doubt they will. Casper has a history of putting together and closing big deals
some valued in the tens of millions of dollars. Looking back one lesson sticks out, the bigger the deal the less likely it is to blow up at the closing table. This is the biggest deal in the history of the world and we are, all of us worldwide, "at the closing table". The big boys will close the deal.  Our job is to stay alive while they finish the job.  
Have I mentioned that I have lost 21 friends and family members during the course of this Rocky Horror Picture Show? Including my best friend to suicide? Please don't be # 22.  Some sources say we are going to be put off until next week. If that happens or if it has already happened support each other and don't allow one more speed bump to destroy your health or to ruin your approaching party.
WE don't agree about next week. WE think deliveries will be tomorrow. WE think they were delayed a day for reasons related to CHENEY'S BE.S. EMERGENCY. There are many many story's flying such as the BUSH/CHENEY demand for 25% of the humanitarian money. While true, this is a demand upon the other countries money, not ours. And so, it is with a view of most if not all of these rumors we offer our opinion of deliveries tomorrow. 
                 casper   6-5-08