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Casper Update: June 4, 2008

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My apologies to truck drivers everywhere. I was angry. I am sorry.
Poor OBAMA, if he says no to Hillary he might trip and fall and break his neck in six places.
If he says yes to Hillary he may be dead before he falls. Remember Foster?
 After the assassination of JFK, one of the most CONSERVATIVE presidents of the modern era, the rumors began and continue to this day of CIA involvement even including the possible involvement of BUSH senior who was supposedly in Dallas that fateful day. Kennedy had issued EXECUTIVE ORDER 11001(if memory serves) to Treasury to begin issuing sovereign U.S. silver certificates currency alongside the FED RES fiat currency. Johnson's first act as President, on Airforce one enroute from Dallas to D.C.  with the widow Kennedy aboard was to reverse or cancel that executive order.
In the ensuing years the BUSH SENIOR run CIA, with the help of CLINTON in Arkansas, was running drugs and guns on a massive scale according to many books on the subject and many sources, some of which were participants, most of whom later died mysterious deaths such as "suicide" with a shot to the back of the head.
Then comes the wars, the renditions, the torture, the assassinations and millions dying all over the world and always leading the band, the infamous CIA. During these times they changed the name to the GEORGE BUSH CIA. At that time SENIOR said "this will happen over my dead body and i have a 300T war chest to fight it with".
More recently we learn the CIA has been run by CHENEY and HALLIBURTON through his political appointee puppets such as George Tenet as they skimmed billions from govt contracts awarded Halliburton which opened secured offices in the CIA and the Pentagon even including their own private jail in the basement (see recent STORY update for details).
More recently still, we find CIA involvement in our programs on a level equivalent to the C.T., the Frenchman, Collateral holders, etc.. WE have referred to this CIA involvement in previous updates in code as MR LANGLEY.
 NOW we learn, or more accurately we can now CONFIRM what we already knew, the CIA has been running an elaborate worldwide disinformation and sabotage campaign regarding our funding on behalf of CHENEY and the BUSH'S. The skimming and scamming of Govt contracts, not challenged by the unconstitutional sitting Congress ( this is a Lieber Code/Military Congress-see the writings of "S") as they were to busy whoring themselves out and EARMARKING MONUMENTS to each other, is small potatoes compared to the skimming and scamming and trading of our PROGRAM FUNDS, a process on-going for seven or eight years now. THEY have been found out. But not before THEY pocketed huge sums at the expense of the programs and therefore the people of the world.
WHO? All the names mentioned here over time; BUSH'S, CLINTONS, CIA, CHENEY, GREENSPAN, BERNAKE, PAULSON, ROBERTS, SOME MEMBERS OF THE WORLD COURT, MADAME WU  and only God knows how deep the money flowed.
Do you remember the cautions from our CHINA sources when she first arrived? Seven headed snake. Or was it ten heads? I forget.
She has been a full blown participant if every act of theft and delivery sabotage since her arrival on the scene. She has been sleeping with, so to speak, all those mentioned above.
The EXPOSURE here of her attempted 14T split with BUSH, the current but only one of many such EXPOSURE'S, got her called back to CHINA. Among other things she had replaced all packages for all programs with fake packages, put the fakes back into the court and while the world (including us) continued to follow the movement of those packs in and out, back and forth, up and down SHE SPIRITED THE REAL PACKS TO HER PRIVATE HOLDING FACILITY IN CHINA. Having been ordered back home by the CHINESE GOVT due these EXPOSURES she was placed into an interrogation room and her entire family brought before her and threatened with immediate execution by firing squad in her presence where upon she kindly decided to "spill the beans". All of the beans got spilt. The govt retrieved the packages and sent them to BRUSSELS which was "stunned" to learn of all this as they thought the real packs were still in the U.S. as we all did. WU was allowed to come back to the U.S. for a meeting  with we know not who, landing mid day Saturday then returning to CHINA where we hear she continues to beg for her life.
BRUSSELS has since sent the packages, or some packages, to the U.S. arriving here Tuesday morning.
 Whether these are the "full" packages, the "exact same" packages moved from D.C. to CHINA to BRUSSELS or whether a new or substitute package was prepared and sent to us is the subject of much speculation and conjecture and WE do not have a definitive answer. WE do hear FREEDOM and perhaps F.C. must still come first so deliveries may come in stages over consecutive days or may arrive at basically the same time. WE believe delv will start today but it's a new ballgame now, previous knowledge of how and who goes out the window. Even if we knew or if we learn the new delv plan we obviously could not talk about it publicly.
The BILDERBERGS are doing their annual meeting in a Virginia suburb of D.C. starting tomorrow through the 8th.   Coincidence??????
What all this means relative to previously expected outcomes such as arrest are unknown as yet. WE are not anticipating significant changes in process's such as delv., announcements, arrest, constitution, global banking, etc. etc. etc. but there may be changes unknown to us given the seriousness of these developments.
If deliveries occur as expected this may of necessity be our last communication (non-disclosure).
If we can say more after the fact we will but we expect to be busy, like you, and hopefully the announcements which we have heard will continue for six consecutive nights will provide the ongoing clarity we all seek.
WE anticipate no change in previous banking arrangements.
              casper   6-4-08