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Casper Update: June 1, 2008

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Over the years, and especially since they began to appear on Fourwinds, these updates have found their way around the world and sometimes they are instumental in "making things happen". It's not US, mind you, but the information itself which sometimes triggers action by people who are in a position to take action. This has happened many times and such news then finds its way back to us. Therefore "exposure" has often brought victory in the face of delay if not defeat.
On other occasions silence has been required to help move things forward. There are times, like today for example, when WE would derive the greatest personal pleasure from informing you, in real time, of all the good things for good guys and bad things for bad guys that are going on behind the scenes right now.
Everything is back on go. Big bright green lights.
As to the many juicy details we are "forced" at this moment (for reasons of our collective self interest) to "put a sock in it".
              casper     6-1-08