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Casper Update: May 30, 2008

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Earlier in the week White House spies say BUSH said "The American people did not support me so now they are going to pay dearly".
WE don't know whether he was referring to the $35.00 per barrel being skimmed as STORY reported, or something more sinister.
BUSH, using John Roberts again as his hapless little corporate fall guy, blocked deliveries again today. This, after once again signing on Wednesday another set of non-interference documents which were delivered to the Hague.
BUSH and ROBERTS and the CROWD also known as the UNITED STATES are holding on to the side of the toilet bowl with their fingers and teeth as the swirling water sucks them into the underground sewer system where they belong.
WE THE PEOPLE, AKA the United States, with the assistance of the Dragon and all the thoroughly pissed off countries of the world, are applying claw and hammer technology to the fingers on the bowl.
The packs are on the move again. Do not give up the ghost (pun intended).