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Casper Update: May 27, 2008

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 Whether deliveries were to be today as ALL sources heard, or tomorrow as most are now hearing, the announcements were definitely scheduled tonight and the media has received orders from BUSH and JUSTICE and THE SUPREME COURT not to air them. MURDOC at Fox was also involved somehow.
There is much info regarding "who got taken where", usually the Hague, but we are unsure what is fact and which is disinfo.. Cheney, Bernake, Greenspan, the C.T., the Frenchman and others were supposedly "taken" yet we have info from Switzerland the C.T. was in Geneva Sunday night in the company of the other Frenchman, a second one which we have heard about many times but never mentioned. He is supposedly much more important than the brother of Barbara Bush Frenchman. The two of them (C.T.&2nd Frenchman) were reportedly completing paperwork for the offshore funds to be "waterfalled down", a job we were told had been completed last week. So we have two "Frenchmen" and the C.T. in two places at the same time. After that things get real complicated and confusing so we are going to sidestep other issues for tonight such as who got taken where.  
Meanwhile Story has WU back in the U.S. but we can't find her having tried all day.
Other "countries" were being given the runaround today also.
Our carrier contacts say they know nothing of the huge delivery fees many sources have heard about. WE believe the packs were picked up at the COURT yesterday at 3 p.m. by BRINKS, not Fed Ex&UPS as other sources were advised. Now BRINKS won't talk either.
Read the 46 page "insert" in the STORY update from the ex CIA man as delivered to Congress last week if you think you can handle it. It will make you physically ill as you learn the depths of the BUSH/CHENEY/CIA/PENTAGON/HALLIBURTON/CARLYLE corruption all backed up by Presidential Executive Orders authorizing them to steal vast sums from taxpayers and supplies from the troops. This will give you some idea just how bad things really are.
There is no summary tonight, no analysis, not even a decent guess as we must find out what happened to deliveries and announcements today before we can offer anything tangible. Will report tomorrow.
                     casper    5-27-08 evening