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Casper Update: May 26, 2008

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It's a fine line we sometimes walk, exposing what we can while trying to honor "confidential" information and trying not to do anything or say anything that would contribute to further delay.
The current STORY update as posted on  gets into some of the Intel we were encouraged not to discuss so now that the cat is out of the bag we may as well join the party.
As far back as last Wednesday European sources were hearing "this would be the most historically important weekend in the history of the United States". Now that we are into the final third of the weekend with nothing yet publicly visible we must admit we are beginning to wonder if these several sources know what they are talking about. We continued to receive info of this nature all day Friday and Saturday from quite a number of diverse sources. It involves not only deliveries which we currently hear will be today or tomorrow, but also the behind the scenes round-up and corralling of the bad guys in preparation for the so far unannounced announcements. As usual there was last minute interference (the attempted but failed trade on Friday) and the frustrated "payoff" to facilitators of that trade who were expecting to receive half their funds Saturday morning, in front of us, as their reward for delaying matters through the long weekend. Who knows what they may have had planned for Tuesday if the Fri./Monday trade, authorized by the Queens servant at the World Court, Higgins, and facilitated by Mr. Langley at the CIA, had succeeded. We hear Higgins has been "handcuffed" by the "WORLD" and a warrant has been issued for Mr. exceptionally greedy, Mr. to hell with the peasants, Mr. CIA himself, Mr. Langley. BUT, and this is no small but, if the widely anticipated historical weekend was dependent upon deliveries first or simultaneous, then blocking them may have accomplished the greater goal of blocking the announcements, the change over, the historical weekend or whatever else one wishes to call it.
While this intrigue was unfolding Cheney and others were being dealt with as described in the STORY update and the "trigger" packages were once again back in the Supreme Court. Several countries were instrumental in overcoming that aspect of the planned delay and the packages are once again "on the move" we hear. 
Other peripheral complications you may have heard about such as problems with two countries have also been taken care of so no sense rehashing here.  
Perhaps the most important "disclosure" by STORY to his international audience, something you have read here often, is the presence of those who are working to return our country to the Constitution and the rule of law. Detaining bad guys is accomplished by good guys and guns and bullets, if they be necessary, must be backed up by rightful law authority. That authority is the Constitution itself and have we not said many times the announcements would lead with the Constitution?
 On this subject, its history and meaning as it relates to the CORPORATE UNITED STATES, it is not STORY, but rather "S", your own personal professional resident analyst and researcher who has spent months summarizing for you on Fourwinds decades of research effort by those who devoted their lives to this subject. Become an expert yourself by reading the documents posted by "S".   
Although Union Contracts preclude deliveries by National Carriers on Sundays and/or holidays we hear special arrangements can be made to do exactly that.  OUR very best info, however, says Tuesday but we must all realize and consider that those who have successfully "gamed" the situation until Tuesday would not be without additional plans for Tuesday. It's a matter of over coming all the usual suspects and that job appears well underway.
Casper does not understand Story's several consecutive references to "refloating the dollar". Refloating the fiat FRN's would be the same as recapitalizing the issuer, the unconstitutional Federal Reserve. It would leave "them" in control of the world and spell a continuation of fractional banking, the ability to create new money with bookkeeping entries.  We have always expected this debt based currency system to be replaced by an asset based currency system (metals) and the issuer to be several National Sovereign Treasury's including the United States. This has always been a part of the overall plan as we have understood it and this is the opposite of "refloating the {dollar}" which is privately issued by bankers and is an instrument of debt. The FRN's would be exchanged one for one for a period of time after which FRN's would become toilet tissue. WE invite Story or anyone else with knowledge of this issue to comment to Fourwinds.
Now is the time to sit and watch and listen and receive and allow those who do "know everything" to lead the parade.
Pull up your socks and keep your running shoes handy. Should today turn out to be some version of a "positioning" day don't be concerned, we really are about to receive.
                 casper     5-26-08
p.s. If this 27th "last goodbye",   is in fact our last goodbye,     well then,     Goodbye.