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Casper Update: May 23, 2008

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The excuse making continued throughout the day including
"They are adding something to the packages at the local level"
and, "Ongoing trouble with the Frenchman's demands for more money and for his money to be paid in advance of our deliveries".
 BALONEY.......OUR analysis is that all of this is bogus.
"They" tried to trade our funds again today and over the 3 day weekend. They probably decided that since they could not get their money until next week anyway they might as well go ahead and screw the peasants one last time.  Specifically the "O" funds were to be traded. The Frenchman was in on it along with the ABC boys who we will call by name if another update becomes necessary and, we suspect, the CONNECTICUT TRUSTEE. The trade was sanctioned by HIGGIN'S who is the President of the world court who works for the QUEEN who put her there and who has been nothing but trouble for many years. Another snake in a well full of snakes. The trade was caught and blocked, as usual, then the World Court, apparently acting as a whole, reversed themselves and helped stop the Btrade or at least sanctioned the blocking of the trade which had already occurred no thanks to them.  Casper's GUESS is that they were probably all in on it and once caught are now trying to save face with the WORLD. 
Deliveries are now supposedly back on go for tomorrow, Saturday, the 24th.
          casper    5-23-08 p.m.