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Pre-Commentary to Casper First Update of May 22, 2008


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n myself), because so many on Earth were still fast asleep. So here following are some highlights of more recent years from Casper. This is also a good opportunity to share that many Hosts of Light such as Master Jesuha Sananda, AA Gabriel and Michael, Masters Saint Germain, Kuthumi, El Morya, Dhwal Khul, Ashtar, Galactic Federation members, Matthew of Matthew Messages, et al, have said that "this is a time of moral and spiritual cleansing", meaning let the TRUTH be heard and known, so that we may go forward with our minds, hearts and eyes open, our consciousness/awareness open in other words; clean it up and not create any more of it. There is great healing in exposure and NOT fearing truth. So, please, let's not shut up "whistleblowers" anymore or allow them to be shut up. It is silence and ignorance that has allowed crimes against Humanity to go on and on. It

has cost many of these fine people who would and have revealed such crimes, their reputations, livelihoods, property, families, and lives. - And let us not forget Jeshua ben Joseph, aka "Jesus Christ", who was one of the greatest exemplars of this now closing Piscean Age, in that he was a true revolutionary befriending and helping the downtrodden and abused by the ruling class, who SPOKE UP for them, and was persecuted for it.

Again, let us NOT

allow this anymore, and redeem ourselves and the Age in the process.

It's time to grow up and take self-responsibility too, recognize the example that has been set, as many have already demonstrated,....WITH

SUPPORT this time, not shoving things "under the rug" so to speak, or ignoring the real issue and letting what should be exposed go on and on.

We should all know by now where that has brought civilization! What a COST!


and ALL of your reports.


Casper Update: May 22, 2008