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Casper Reponse to Whistleblower - May 22, 2008

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Thank you for your kind remarks Whistleblower, and you also, Ethel and Clyde and Richard and Wayne and Patricia and each of you who took a minute to write.
Farewell meant good bye because we expected deliveries today (5-22) and the accompanying non-disclosure puts Casper out of business. "HARK" was as you suggest, the doorbell which we now anticipate tomorrow instead of today.
Goodness Gracious I didn't realize I had left you and perhaps others with negative thoughts through the update. It is in fact extremely positive, irreversibly positive and I'm sorry if I indicated otherwise. This "deal" is over with. The bad guys have been over come at least as regards deliveries. Then we go to the next step, announcements. Then the next, arrest. Then the next, we take our Country back from the hoodlums.
Tired? You bet.
Depressed? Just the opposite. Eighteen years of this nonsense is ending for me (chasing deliveries). On to bigger and better things.
I'm going to pour myself a nice bath of Dom Perignon and take a straw with me.
I don't know anything more about the Global Debt Facility than what I have learned from you.
What is the real reason for my statements? Gee Whiz Whistleblower, I'm not smart enough or stupid enough to have ulterior  motives. Take what I say at face value, please.
Thanks again Mr. Whistleblower for your kind words. They are very thoughtful and greatly appreciated.