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Casper Second Update: May 22, 2008

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Both BUSH'S, the C.T. and the FRENCHMAN,  and CHENEY were forced to "sign off" again over the last couple of days, CHENEY as V.P. and also on behalf of the UNITED STATES as he has JUNIORS Power of Attorney. 
This elaborate pile of paperwork was late getting "filed or registered" and this is the "proffered excuse de jure" why we did not receive today. Never mind that CHENEY signed under great duress yesterday morning and this was supposedly well behind us when we began the day. 
WE also hear the FRENCHMAN has been making a complete ass of himself all day long with last minute personal demands such as more money for himself AND FOR BUSH and trying to tie unrelated debt repayments to his job vis a vis our funding. This was also supposedly overcome last night, that's why WE were confident about delivery today. 
In fact, all sources, worldwide, had delv today. Now he (FRENCHY) has every participant from small to big on every continent desiring to shoot him.
WE hear the FRENCHMAN was given a "non-refusable" ultimatum late today. No word yet whether he "accepted" the "non-refusable" ultimatum.
OUR best analysis is both the above excuses are likely true. Settlement of the first excuse today results in deliveries tomorrow. Because we do not yet have the final outcome of excuse de jure #2 we are uncertain what outcome this would mean but we are willing to guess that BARBARA BUSH'S BROTHER is following orders of the BUSH'S and likely trying to sabotage us into a 3 day weekend. BUT, as we all know, "a non-refusable ultimatum is a non-refusable ultimatum. "
And so, we expect deliveries tomorrow. If that changes we will let you know.
                   casper   5-22-08  p.m.
p.s. Word just in, Frenchy Folded, delv tomorrow.