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Whistleblower's Response to Casper Update of May 22, 2008


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May I respectfully ask you once again to post the following to as a response to Casper's recent update, which leaves many questions totally unanswered. If it is not wise to post the response, please forward to Casper for his personal response.



I refer to Casper's update of 22nd May 2008, and would respectfully ask Casper to enlighten readers as to some of his comments.

FAREWELL my FRIENDS………….Does this mean we are not going to get any more Casper's updates, which leaves us all totally in the dark as to whether deliveries did, or did not occur?

HARK!! What is that I am about to hear?? Certainly, I do not know, and I doubt whether any other reader would know either. We could guess and speculate, but there is no point in that because it doesn't tell us fact.

Is that that you are about to hear the door bell ringing with a courier holding your package from DHL, Fed Ex or UPS, or is it the solemn knell telling us that everything is over and it's not going to happen.

Suddenly Casper is feeling a jolt of loneliness, even sadness right now.  Why? Is it because you have been let down and you are very disappointed, or, it is because it is completely finished and the anti-climax has set in because you have nothing more to do? I sense the former, but I could be wrong.

Please remember the hundreds, actually thousands of friends and family who "didn't make it" by honoring  their wishes to whatever extent is possible.  In any battle, lives are lost, but they are never forgotten, in the same way as your good self who has worked tremendously hard and shown great tenacity, irrespective of the outcome. The word "Casper" will always be reflected in many of us, for the strength and courage you have shown to all of us.

WE are expecting deliveries today, continuing tomorrow, so once again this is likely our "good-bye" message.  With the greatest respect to you, it is always today or tomorrow, but never, it has happened, the resolve is now complete.

In respect of your latter comments of this sentence, it is contradictory to your FAREWELL my FRIENDS statement at the end. Which is it, "FAREWELL" which is a definitive statement of conclusion, or, "likely our goodbye message", which is a vague and open statement and indicates a possibility of further statements?

There are many other paragraphs and sentences within your "Update" that indicate a depressed and very tired person, who is totally shocked and disgusted at how things have turned out. I may be wrong, but it appears to me that you and your colleagues realise that you cannot fight this powerful, evil regime and their treasonous acts anymore, and whatever you do, nothing seems to be enough, or, nothing positive is achieved.

Casper, you have done a great job irrespective of whether it was successful or not. The fact is you and your colleagues, above all others, stood at the front line and got stuck in. A few brave men of courage, whatever the outcome. It is a pity that there aren't more in the world like you, because if there were, we would not be in the awful ever increasing mess that this world is in right now.  I applaud you and your colleagues as people who stand up for what they know to be right, and justice.

WHY AM I DOING THIS? WHY AM I SAYING THIS AT THIS TIME?   We are all aware that America is in one hell of a mess, and leading the whole world into the same mess, and most of us are aware that it is the criminal, evil element within the US Government and their cohorts that have caused this. So please tell us, what is the real reason for your statement(s)?

Then there are the trillions missing from the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY.  This statement is totally and undeniably agreed with. However, I have never come across you ever mentioning or stating before (and I must admit I have not read all your "Posts" and "Updates") anything about the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY, yet suddenly it comes up in your, supposedly FAREWELL my FRIENDS "Update".

If I may just adjust your statement a little, In fact it is Hundreds of Trillions, stolen, plundered, illegally used, etc by the very people you, and I personally agree, refer to as evil and criminal.

But, tell me please Casper, even privately if need be, just what do you know about the Global Debt Facility, and additionally, the missing Trillions.

You should be aware that the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY is to be used for the benefit of ALL Nations of the World and their People. The mere fact that it is the Criminals and Evil ones within the American Government who have been stealing, plundering and illegal using this facility, preventing the American people from benefiting from this facility on the basis of "We do not reward crooks" and "It is the problem of the American People, which only the American People can sort out. It is not for us or other Nations to be involved within your internal politics".

I should point out here about the $50 Billion USD collateral that was given to finance the "Katrina" disaster and the rebuilding of the area. That was also abused by the Criminals and Evil ones within your American Government and had to be blocked and the transfer reversed.

Casper, I will not go on and on, because it will be similar things stated in response to your comments within your latest "Update".

However, as stated above, I applaud you and your colleagues for all your tenacity and efforts, whatever the outcome, in bringing this whole issue to light for the general public. As far as I can see, you have been of great service to your Nation and its People and I sincerely hope that other readers will support my comments here and show their respect for you and your colleagues for all that you have done in, as stated before, bringing this matter into the Public Arena. The outcome is irrelevant as no amount of money can ever compensate for personal endurance, determination and sacrifices you and others have made over the years.

We may have indifferences as to many aspects of this scenario, and who owns what etc. but I can still say WELL DONE and GOOD LUCK TO YOU and YOUR COLLEAGUES. You deserve the Congressional Medal for your work on behalf of the Sovereign Nation of the United States of America.

Fullest Respects