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Casper Update: May 22, 2008

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On the Sunday following the Tuesday when BILL CLINTON was first elected President (1992) with 43% of the vote (because PEROT had split the Republican vote) Casper was in downtown HOPE, ARKANSAS as the churches surrounding the town square let out. There must have been a thousand people, at least many hundreds as the streets were packed, all carrying signs; "SHAME, SHAME, SHAME AMERICA, you know not what you have done". This is what CLINTON'S friends and neighbors thought of him. It was impossible to turn the car around. We had to slowly back up, back out of town the way we had arrived.
 In the years to follow dozens and dozens and dozens of aides, guards and "friends" of the CLINTON'S would die mysterious deaths. Getting "suicided" was the order of the day up to and including Vince Foster who was the bag man between the CLINTON'S and MARC RICH who CLINTON pardoned as his last act in office. Suppressed Intel says he may have been killed inside the White House by HILLARY before his body was dumped in Fort Marcy Park.
BUSH SENIOR, as head of the CIA, was running drugs through Arkansas with CLINTONS State Troopers providing security. There were dozens of murders including children who "fell asleep on the railroad tracks" and pilots such as Barry Seal who was suicided a week or so after trying to tell the truth about his cargo's. Then the Troopers got whacked, one by one.  
The BUSH'S and CLINTON'S did not "get together" to raise money for the Tsunami victims and play golf as they had already been joined at the hip for a very long time. These three administrations (BUSH, CLINTON, BUSH-CHENEY) have been running an enormous world wide "GOVERNMENT BASED" CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE for well over 20 years.
The issue now is how much will the American people be allowed to know? CHENEY, who works for SENIOR, is JUNIORS "handler". The FRENCHMAN is BARBARA BUSH"S BROTHER. The "CONNECTICUT TRUSTEE" is a BUSH SENIOR COUSIN. SENIOR himself retained signatory power over the Farm Claims. Senior stole and diverted the Bergevin Funds (BBC) to the MORMON CHURCH with the help of Orrin Hatch. SENIOR stole the JONES FUNDS moving them to PANAMA after JONES had been shot twice, then stabbed once, then poisoned, then had his grave dug up to be sure he was dead. Then Hermann Hermann was tortured by SENIOR and OLLIE NORTH hanging him up on meat hooks trying to force him to sign over the Peruvian Gold Certificate. Then there was the OVERSOLE TRUST DEAL which was the CATHOLIC/VATICAN PLAN to steal the funds back from us after delivery. Then "they" "gave away" the PANAMA CANAL (Chinese at both ends), then "they" gave away our nations largest port, the Port of Long Beach to the Chinese. Then CLINTON bragged he was the only President to visit 100 Countries when his purpose there was to open accounts to receive stolen funds often in the names of his mother, Hillary's mother, Chelsea and every possible relative. Then there were the GOLD Certificates which came into the ROCKEFELLER BANK in New York years ago, stolen and never seen again. And domestic bank theft and corruption ( B.of A., CITI, CHASE, WACHOVIA, etc,) on a scale difficult to describe. Then there is the matter of the hundreds of billions $$ in BRADY BONDS, up in smoke with 9-11 along with hundreds of Cantor Hanger employees incinerated who were in charge of these bonds. And the very large number of airplane crashes in which players, partners, advisors and documents were destroyed. And fires here, there and every where destroying all manner of evidence. And "hit" teams running to and fro sometimes chasing each other. And 9-11 itself. And the movements of GOLD ongoing world wide since more than 100++++booby trapped caves were located in the Philippines containing vast hoards of "Black Gold" (off the books) subsequently moved to AUSTRIA through Germany and into the UNITED STATES. And trillions of $$ of COUNTERFEIT GOLD CERTIFICATES and COUNTERFEIT TREASURY INSTRUMENTS pawned off on the world by agents "representing" BUSH/CLINTON/The United States. And film of HILLARY withdrawing hundreds of billions of $$ from the bank in GRANADA. And the 17 indictments against the CLINTON'S which conveniently disappeared when he became President. And the successive Bankruptcy's  of the UNITED STATES, the unconstitutional incorporation of all aspects of the Gov't including the States, the Cities, the Courts and law enforcement agencies, the change of our courts from common/constitutional law to admiralty/merchants law incorporating them and turning them into the "JUDGE'S" personal piggy banks and agents for the creditors of the Bankruptcy i.e. the QUEEN, the VATICAN, etc. etc.. And don't forget the cover-up of the truth regarding the FEDERAL BLDG in Oklahoma City, WACO and the UNDERGROUND BUNKER at Cheney's ranch in Wyoming, the "RANCH" on Military Land outside D.C. for their sexual games which is the outdoor version of what they were doing in the three D.C. hotels including Watergate, one for gays, one for straights (ha) and another for pedophiles. And the raid on the IRAQ central bank (800 $$ billion) and the suiciding of Admiral Borda the head of Naval Intelligence as he sat at his desk in his office, and the drowning of the former head of the CIA, an accomplished swimmer, as he paddled his canoe in the pond behind his home. And the retrieval of trillions of stolen $$ stashed all over the world by BUSH/CLINTON/BUSH along with the bank accounts of large numbers of SENATORS AND CONGRESSMEN. And the financial "DEATH GRIP" this crowd has imposed upon the entire world through fraudulent banking by the largest U.S. Banking Institutions and corrupt central banking practices by the privately owned FED RES as they intentionally debase and destroy the acting "reserve currency" of the world. Then there are the trillions missing from the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY and the by-passing of ALL national laws and constitutions using the "TREATY PROCESS" to cram NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT,THE WTO, THE NAU, The N.A. Super Highway and anything else "they" want down the throats of every people of every nation. No gay marriages say the people of CALIFORNIA by Statewide referendum. On yes you will say four California judges and so it is. Belly up to the BENCH people, you want to marry your dog, no problem. This is but a microcosm of the top down total control, police state, Illuminati, UTTERLY SATANIC ones who are implementing their NEW WORLD ORDER-er-NEW GLOBAL ORDER right in front of our faces. CPI to high? No problem, remove food and fuel from the equations. Want to starve the world? Easy, burn corn in gas tanks and depreciate the currency causing horrendous worldwide inflation so that farmers commit suicide and poor countries starve because they can't afford rice and let them eat cake because our totally corrupt banking buddies MUST be saved as they are the conduits for all the financial scams. Our nation is intentionally "hollowed out". Gutted. Sold off. Jobs are sent offshore. The atmosphere is filled with aluminum and magnesium and barium (CHEMTRAILS).  Human's are cloned and the presence of, and our government's interface with, those of "CELESTIAL ORIGIN" going back to the early 1950's is covered up in black budgets and inquiring "national leaders" are told to get lost by the secret government, the real government.
And the UNITED NATIONS, the only toilet in town every bit the equal of our own D.C. toilet now flies their flags over our National Parks thanks to these  "PRESIDENTS" of ours, and our soldiers are court marshaled for refusing to wear the U.N. uniform.   
And we wonder, "why has it taken so long"?
There is virtually no end to the list of cover-ups and corruption at the highest levels of what has become a PRIVATELY OWNED CORPORATE OVERLAY of what we thought was "our country". It is "their country,  their corruption, their world" until such time as we determine to take back what they stole from us. We are nothing but tenants upon "their" land, "sharecroppers" if you are looking through rose colored glasses.   
Because it is imperative that WE ALL understand and REMEMBER the depths to which the CRIMINALS IN D.C. have driven our nation and that we not use our funding as an excuse to continue to bury our heads in the sand. Our nation is in deep deep trouble financially, morally, economically, environmentally, spiritually and politically and we must ACT--or give up and knuckle under. 
The Radical Muslims say we are guilty as a people, individually guilty, having allowed CRIMINALS to take over our country and therefore they have no qualms about killing "innocent" men, women and children. They are crazy of course. They are completely nuts, of course. But the "WORLD" is well aware that D.C. and the CORPORATE UNITED STATES is a cesspool of corruption and they have every right to ask "What are the American people going to do about it". When are they going to WAKE UP? How can they lead the free world under these circumstances? Do they no longer care"?
Of course we care. And we will act, won't we? For the sake of our children and our grandchildren? We will demand the Bankruptcy be closed out never to return. That the true "organic" Constitution be returned to it's rightful status as the LAW of the land. That Admiralty Courts be closed and merchant law and "for profit" Judges swept out to sea. That the Bankers and politicians who have worked so diligently to preserve the status quo and their high offices in these despicable and treasonous illegalities be called to account. That the BUSH'S and the CLINTON'S be made to answer for their crimes against the American people and THEIR FAMILY NAMES BE DAMNED.
We must determine individually what each of us can and will do to assist in the flushing of the toilet and the disinfecting of the oval office, the congress, the courts and the CONTROLLED AND TREASONOUS MEDIA.
Consider the synergy of group endeavor where one plus one no longer equals two, but equals the vision of the participants. Watch for those with courage and  strength of purpose to heed previous calls and to post to their plans and projects and visions (a link to same or a phone number) and join that which appeals to your greater instincts. And if you are just to old and to tired and not feeling very brave, WRITE A CHECK. WRITE MANY CHECKS to those who do have the courage and the vitality to set things right in our great country. Be careful. Do your due diligence. Then be generous.
WE are expecting deliveries today, continuing tomorrow, so once again this is likely our "good-bye" message.
 If it is appropriate to build an escrow fund to help those who got "left out" that will be managed by others and you will hear from them when and if appropriate.
Please help those who are committed to the retrieval of the CONSTITUTION such as
Please remember the hundreds, actually thousands of friends and family who "didn't make it" by honoring  their wishes to whatever extent is possible.
Suddenly Casper is feeling a jolt of loneliness, even sadness right now. Surely a ringing doorbell will fix that.
HARK!!  What is that I am about to hear??
               Casper   5-22-08