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Casper Update: May 20, 2008

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Last night and this morning the "news" said deliveries today, announcements tonight. As the hours ticked by the "news" changed to "start this afternoon, continue tomorrow, announcements delayed until tomorrow night" (Wed.).
At this late hour, news, information, Intel,, etc. are all pretty much the same thing. Imagine a dozen or so of us connected to a dozen more and a dozen more who have been at this for a decade or more. We have long since whittled things down to those around the world who actually know something. We have long since learned who is on "our side".
No longer do we care what Sam and Betty or John or Peter Paul and Mary might be saying to each other. We are now "connected" enough to know whether the news/Intel in Europe is different than the U.S.. Whether the Trustees are on the same page as the Military. Whether yesterday's excuse for non-delv is valid. Whether the D.C. CRIMINALS are running scams of such magnitude it is very hard to see through the fog of disinformation.
We are now at the point where all important sources worldwide have approximately the same information at approximately the same time. Either the "news" is accurate or the lies are orchestrated at such a high level, and disseminated so broadly, worldwide in fact, that "they" have developed the ability to fool all the people all the time.
While we continue to hear and fully expect deliveries will be tomorrow instead of today, we are constantly alert to all possibilities.
A strange thing happened today. We learned that high level Military are saying the Illuminati are in total control, they play us like a fiddle, they sit back and laugh at us about how easy it is to send us on wild goose chases. How the world is controlled, how we don't even understand the basics such as BUSH'S shuttle through the mid-east last week (new Illuminati controlled banking system), how "they" have orchestrated a 1929 style horrendous crash of the U.S. economy for September, a police state, and on and on it goes all revolving around MILITARY at very high levels suggesting "they win" we lose we never receive".  
Don't believe it folks. There is good and bad Military just as there are two or more factions involved in every aspect of this change over. Just as the entire Executive Branch, the entire Judicial Branch and most of the
Legislative Branch have been compromised, incorporated and BOUGHT, so too have some Military loyal to the BUSH'S  bought the company line which is "the peasants lose, we win, you better be on the right side".
BUNK. Most Military are loyal to their oath not to BUSH or CLINTON. They are just as sick and tired of the corruption as we are. OUR MONEY IS ON THEM. They are, after all, our brothers and sisters and children and parents. To them WE say, look out above. Some of your highest commanding officers are not loyal to their oath or to the Constitution or to their Country. They are rats and snakes because they chose to lay down with such.
WE expect a positive outcome not the outcome being vomited by these ones. WE are positive in mind and sprit because we have weighed every scrap of Intel carefully and we have not arrived at our conclusions willy nilly, accidentally or casually or without an enormous amount of investigation by many experienced people.
WE expect deliveries tomorrow, announcements tomorrow night.
       casper    5-20-08