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Casper Update: May 19, 2008

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Thank you again friends, for the kind and encouraging words you send. We do receive and read them and we appreciate them very much.
Well Shucks!!
MADAME WU has been found to be sleeping with the BUSH'S--AGAIN. You may recall a year or so ago when she was over here and was suddenly called back to CHINA TO BE EXECUTED we were told by Chinese sources at the time. She was playing footsy with BUSH way back then to the tune of trillions of dollars.
 Obviously she survived that one.
This time she has been PERSONALLY blocking our deliveries for the past two to four weeks. She has been fooling us, the G-7 and the world for two to four weeks while PERSONALLY blocking our deliveries.
The first traunch of the U.S. 40+T debt to CHINA totaling 14T was moved into CITI then illegally sent to offshore bank/s. The transaction was caught overseas and reported, the funds are now back at CITI. WU had no intention of assisting our funding. Her interest was in getting the money and, are you ready for this, she intended to split the 14T with BUSH, 7T to each.  She blocks deliveries and she protects "THE BUSH FAMILY NAME" in the process as part of the quid pro quo . She says she couldn't go against BUSH "as he has done so much for the American people" and she could not see his name tarnished.  7T, her half, is a lot of money. It was apparently the price of her soul.
 The packs were in and out of the court more times than we can count. She was doing this to fool the world but she had ordered BRINKS not to deliver. When the World proceeded to shut down BRINKS worldwide for supposedly following CHENEY'S orders not to deliver, BRINK'S said "WAIT, WAIT JUST A MINUTE. We were only following orders". Whose orders? "CHENEY". Not so says we, he is under control. Whose orders?? Then they admitted it was WU's orders. Now we hear their operations have been or are being "suspended" worldwide.
While we and the world were under the impression WU and CHINA were helping us they were actually working with and for the BUSH'S. Together they were running a scam of gigantic international proportion. It boiled down to GET THE MONEY and to hell with the American people and the G-7 and the other countries which were anticipating access at any time. The BUSH'S apparently extracted "family protection and cover up" as their price for releasing the funds. She did not realize Treasury had a block on the funds until we receive, even after CITI sucessfully moved the funds offshore. The GREENSPAN, CHENEY, ROBERTS "attempt to steal the funds" was actually an attempt to help her steal the funds and this storyline was put out by WU in an attempt to cover her tracks.   
The "DEAR MADAMES" authority has been revoked. She is in route back to CHINA where, hopefully, the postponed execution might now proceed. The money, back at CITI, will not be accessed (by CHINA) until we receive. It was not long ago when sources in CHINA advised us not to believe anything WU might say, that she is a seven headed snake. Now we fully understand those warnings. WU was to take her half PERSONALLY we are reliably informed as was BUSH. DID you hear that? PERSONALLY.
We are not yet completely aware of all the in's and out's of how all this went down, exactly, but it appears the 14T was a legitimate first traunch repayment towards the 40+T owed CHINA by the U.S.. If our interpretation is correct MADAME WU would be better off shooting her pilot somewhere over the Atlantic. The way these snakes operate we wouldn't be surprised to learn her CHI-COM buddies are involved in all this with WU and BUSH.
Now she is "mad as hell" for having been caught and BUSH "is even madder". We hear these snakes are corralled now but with this bunch you never really know.
"Oh the tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive".
WE hear deliveries will be tomorrow with announcements tomorrow night. We hear national carriers delivering.The G-7 and the World are supposedly kicking a__ and taking names.
 This should be IT. This IS it.
             casper    5-19-08
p.s. Please remember They NEED our help.