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Poof Report: May 18, 2008

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Now, sometimes I get info, other folks just don't get or a small limited individuals outside the hallowed halls only get and it doesn't go along with Considering that, 'technically', I am an outsider, I haven't done too bad, for the length of time I've been tapping these newsletters out. Some of it sounding absolutely start raving mad, 'if I really understood how the big boys work'. My only defense has always been, 'what if that's what they were planning the whole time?' Like a jack knife double back reverse curve dive? So, I'm guilty of not following along, chapter and verse, to the constant day to day back and forth on what has to happen at the end of the day, anyhow. Sorry, it's boring and most of it's totally needless.

In a nutshell, here's our situation. The finish of this business has been on the bubble for weeks and weeks. For all the other things that were handled, taken care of, or whatever any formalities left, it all came down to a common point in focus that has been lying there the whole time. I first heard of this business months and months ago, as being on the table to betaken care of. As sure as everyone was of this being cleaned up, at least by this past monday, complete with sending out some packies over the past weekend, just knowing those folks would be able to access on monday, 'not a problem, feggetaboutit, badda bing badda boom', human nature failed to be factored in. Everyday since monday, folks were gathered around computer screens in anticipation of them blinking and voila, they can go buy a croissant, which is the literal meaning of being liquid or having a 'spendable' account. A person sat with their arms folded with only one thought on their mind, 'pay me, and this is over'. Two banks were involved and that' s where all eyes turned and voices spoke up saying, 'Hey you, pay the man and cut the crap'.

I have heard rumors, after my 'not yet' early thurs, that the man was Not taken care of. Could be, I don't know, as I need one person intimately involved to stick it in this earhole, before I'm on board, and that voice has not been added yet. I'm talking about the end of dribbles that just keep the pump primed. I have no idea who or why of the choosing, why somebody or some group get's their packy, and the person next door is not taken care of at that time. I know of 2 people who entered literally at the same time, together, side by side, one received, 2 years later, the partner still hasn't. So don't throw rocks at me because I can't answer that question, it's over my pay grade. When an answer was requested as to why, we have some head count of receivers this past week but the man had still not been satisfied, we got silence. Not, 'th at's impossible, no way, don't care what anyone says', which I'd gotten before, it was silence. So, if, and I mean if, that single focus point has been handled, every last one of you will receive your ticket to freedom faster than you can rub your head. It serves no one in the big picture to continue a dribble of packies out here, there's just way too much in default out here and the fed has no better response than print more cabbage.

I will say no more than I know. We are and have been, for a number of months now, at the end of this stuff and everyone who is anyone has registered every bit of sideways movement they could muster to avoid taking their medicine. Now that all of that mess has been exhausted it's as simple as, 'pay this man and we're done'. Can they drag it out further, it's doubtful, since all the other issues and objections have been addressed. If they start dumping today, great, but I have nothing solid to sink my teeth into, especially since these bankers like to take the weekend and make as much money as possible, and on monday count their take. Let's see if their fear of being publically exposed to being the source of global pain is greater than sitting in a dark corner, like a fat rats, shivering from exposure as they count their cheese, rules. People are very mean now as certain things have not been honored in a timely fashion and the roof keeps caving in, so don't be surpised by what may come across the news. We think in terms of countries, politics, and things like that. There is a higher level involved and it's extremely personal between the power brokers in this  world. At the end of the day, the money transfer will be done, whatever that looks like.

Consultations are available, donations needed and accepted at< /A> account Needless to say, take the opportunity to grab a flight as quickly as you can. The end of this is not going to be pretty. Read more articles; http://

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