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Casper Update: May 17, 2008

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"If anything goes wrong we will say so".
Greenspan, Cheney and John Roberts again tried to steal vast sums on Friday. This money, belonging to the CHINESE, was moved into CITI where the three mouseketeers tried to grab it.
They failed and are being "detained" we hear. MADAME WU has taken harsh action against CITI perhaps in keeping with the authorities recently described by STORY. Then the D.C. packs, once again back in D.C., went back out today via BRINKS. Deliveries may yet be this weekend or, pending no further problems, could be as late as Monday or Tuesday. Arrest and announcements on the heels of deliveries.
Meanwhile, we hear continuing problems with the "FRENCHMAN" have been dealt with and he is supposedly no longer a factor.
Global Banking kicked in Wednesday. 
Packages and/or letters representing the "program funds" (offshore money) are expected next week also. 
Illuminati groups may have been paid on the computer but have not accessed in front of us. 
10 countries paid on the computer and prepared to waterfall down to 200 but can not access in front of us. 
We hear arrest will begin with those at the very top. 
The non-disclosure may be excessively strict. Although illegal according to the World Court lets honor it anyway and cooperate in the delivery procedures. 
The seemingly unbelievable estimates of U.S. debt to CHINA as quoted by STORY are actually greater than he estimated. 
Glitches, Gremlins,Thieves and Evil Doer's get handled as they arise. Who knows what the D.C. Criminal Gangs will try next? 
If ever a toilet needed flushing. May we suggest large volumes of acid accompany the flushing. 
               casper    5-17-08