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Casper Update: May 11, 2008

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Happy Mothers Day Mothers.
The disinformation from MADAM WU began in earnest last weekend and continued throughout the week. The same from Mr. TSI or TAI, which ever. We managed to obtain assurances from China late in the week which also proved false.
 WE are in no position to judge whether there is a constant stream of intentional lies (as it appears) or whether events cause delays making yesterdays truth appear to be lies.
Today MADAM WU says deliveries tomorrow. She guarantee's it. Perhaps a deal was made with BUSH to get the wedding out of the way. Perhaps the big Trustees presence in the banks Thursday and Friday had something to do with the delays. Perhaps the 1000 packs rumored to have been sent out Friday had something to do with it.
WE are unable to confirm the 38 VIP'S arrest Thursday or BUSH's resignation before leaving for the ranch, or the pulling of FED RES computers out of the banks Fri/Sat, or the arrival of 5000++ bankers from offshore last Sunday to assist us or several other items but the "smoke" around all this is very thick. It may all be true or none of it may be true. Many many "sources" say yes, WE are unable to verify.
Deliveries were to be Thursday with announcements Thursday night, changed to Friday and ann. Friday night, then delv. Sat. with ann. tonight. As usual we have so much "peripheral information" we have no doubt deliveries are imminent yet we can not explain the daily delays.
Lets give MADAM WU another last chance to redeem her soiled reputation. "TOMORROW" is from her lips to your ears this afternoon. If not there will be no further doubt about this lady. 
                 casper    5-11-08
p.s. Story has returned with a lengthy update containing important information, please read on fourwinds or his web-site. He must have finally gotten an education regarding NESARA/Constitutional Law (perhaps from the writings of "S" on fourwinds) as he makes prominent mention of these items in his current update.
Unfortunately he still has not "seen the light" regarding "source of funds" and is still under the mistaken impression Wanta is the source of our funds which is not the case.
Also, if he is aware of the recently expired U.S. CORPORATE BANKRUPTCY CONTRACT and the involvement of HMQ, the VATICAN and other CREDITORS he apparently wishes to avoid the subject.
OUR business is OUR business to learn about and take care of. We should not expect STORY or anyone else to be as interested or as knowledgeable about it as we are/should be. The CORPORATION of the UNITED STATES stole our country from WE THE PEOPLE subverting the CONSTITUTION and our ARTICLE III COURTS in the process. It is an EVIL ENTITY perpetrated by TRAITORS. Flushing this CORPORATE TOILET known as Washington D.C. is just as/even more important than our funding.
Read Story. Lots of interesting geo-political intrigue.