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Casper Update: Late Evening May 6, 2008

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CHENEY said he was #44. He has the power of Atty., he is President.  Things didn't work out for him.
Our brief previous update caused the phones to ring in D.C..  Just one of those receiving calls says he has clocked 50 in the last two hours.
Bumper stickers in  INDIANA say "Anybody but Hillary".  Probably nothing to do with us BUT do you remember our missive a couple months ago, those exact words, "Anybody but Hillary"?  It's fun to imagine even if it is likely wishful thinking.
SO, they got the packages back out immediately as "extreme anxiety" is reported from world court sources and others. Who made the calls? WE don't know for sure but apparently it was the WORLD calling.  Does this mean deliveries tomorrow which would be the common sense conclusion? WE don't know who will next fart loudest but for the moment we long suffering peasants representatives appear to be making the noise.
                 casper    5-6-08    evening