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Casper Update: May 2, 2008

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 The intensity of the intrigue going on behind the scenes is beyond words.
There were 10 assassins not 5 working for the BUSH'S and CLINTONS.
The 5 in captivity provided the names of the other 5 one of which is/was Roland Carnaby who was killed by Houston Police after a high speed chase Tuesday. This has been the lead story front page Houston Chronicle, home of BUSH SENIOR, three days running.  5 of the 10 are American, 2 are CHINESE, 1 is CANADIAN, 2 are Mexican. 
One of the Mexicans has now been caught trying to flee as "they" were trying to kill him also. He, like the five previously captured, is now singing loudly.
Admissions/confessions are now in excess of 35 previous "hits" having been committed by this group.  
A copy of the video taped confessions have been given to the Provost Marshall and to the "top dog" who now understands the reality of the situation..
MADAM WU is in a pickle demanding her two be turned over and she is, we hear, up to her ass in alligators.
There is underway an intense "manhunt" for the five as "they" are trying to eliminate them. This is 24/7 operation, no stone left unturned. Fortunately they are not hidden under stones.  D.C. is in turmoil over this. 
As near as we can tell the above is on a parallel track and not influencing deliveries which we continue to hear will be today and/or tomorrow.
              casper   5-2-08