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Casper Second Update: April 29, 2008

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WELL, no sooner did I let go the cryptic update for the day, which, by the way, really meant deliveries tomorrow, we think, than the A.- O.K. came allowing me/US to tell you the following. WE knew this yesterday but needed to give a friend and his family time to secure themselves.   
A certain ally of ours, a martial arts expert among other things but more importantly a man so close to the ultimate secrets that "they" tried to kill him. Five hit men, 2 CHINESE, 3 AMERICANS. His knife wounds were slight and he now has the five assassins in "safekeeping". ALL FIVE have signed video taped confessions including admission of previous "jobs" for the same employers, guess who? Well guess as high as you can go then throw in a certain female candidate and you will be there. Of course the bad guys have since been advised that the good guys have the five and the tapes. Both CHINA and the U.S. want these five eliminated, unable to testify. Madam WU wanted hers turned over to her, our man said no. 
 Copies of the video's have been sent to other countries.
Our man then flew from D.C. to New York with MADAM WU last night. Or did MADAM WU fly to New York last night with our man? Either way purpose unknown. Which side is CHINA really on? WE are working on that.  
Seriously friends, "they" must really be desperate.
 Now perhaps you can understand WE were not whistling Dixie when we told you about previous deaths and death threats. From our point of view, yours and mine, this is the ultimate "gotcha". FIVE IN SAFEKEEPING, FIVE VIDEO TAPED CONFESSIONS.
OUR people appear to be up to the task, which is, in my opinion, the recapture of our country from the globalist illuminati bankers and their political puppets. 
Hold fast FRIENDS.
                  casper    4-29-08