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Casper Update: April 27,2008

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 Having "securitized" literally everything, even prisoners in jails, mortgages, you and me, everything, and having pawned these "securities" off on the world, and having become filthy rich in the process, the "government" ( CORPORATE UNITED STATES), the FED and Wall Street are busy trying to bail out each other by destroying the dollar(monetizing the debt). The consequence is world inflation on a grand scale which is now occurring as commodity after commodity goes off the charts and country after country is thrown into the poor house. The worlds poor can not pay the inflated cost of staples (corn, rice, etc.) and are starving as a result. 33 countries and counting have reported to the U.N. that their people are starving. Why? Because BUSH/BERNAKE/PAULSON/WALL STREET INVESTMENT BANKS, ETC. would rather the whole world starve than allow the failure of any of their own- the wholly corrupt financial institutions-which raped the system and pocketed the profits. Pouring hundreds of billions into the banks to save their friends devalues the currency not only here but around the world causing prices to rise so the poor can not afford the grains, etc. even when there is no shortage of supply.
Many years ago we were informed that the CHINESE, specifically the heirs of the MING DYNASTY, were financing the return to the Constitution in the U.S.. MADAM WU, a MING representative but also the former finance minister of the Peoples Republic of China, was then and is now a key player. It was information surrounding her activities we avoided discussing last Thursday in anticipation of delv and announcements this weekend.  She had ordered deliveries Friday and Saturday along with immediate announcements. Whether she represents Ming, PPR, Global Banking, all countries awaiting access to funds, the World Court or all of the above we do not fully understand. What we do know is that when deliveries did not occur as ordered she arrived here Saturday carrying a big stick and within a matter of hours things were "back on go"-again.
Meanwhile BUSH & FITZGERALD had blocked deliveries by continuing to control the carriers and were, some say, attempting to use OPIUM (other peoples money) -ours- in their ongoing efforts to save the big Commercial and Investment banks. They demanded 25%.  It didn't work out for them, tsk tsk.
Lets not forget about the two successive seventy year Bankruptcy of Nations contracts the UNITED STATES entered into and BUSH'S attempts to continue this "slavery of the people" scam forever in order to retain their current CORPORATE SATANIC CONTROL of the country and the continued suppression of the Constitution and the Republic. The expiration of the most recent contract, April 4th, 2008 is, we think, at the heart of all that is going on behind the scenes. While OUR President and OUR Congress work to perpetuate this CORPORATE FRAUD upon the people, the world, apparently led by the CHINESE, appear to be the saviors of our organic Constitution/Republic. At least this is how things appear to us. 
The secrecy seems more intense now as many things other than deliveries are involved. WE know of death threats. It's a fer piece from China to the U.S. so Madam WU's arrival yesterday is no small matter.
While all this was happening lien holders and various brokers were in banks in Europe getting funded on the computers. This was to be followed by deliveries Friday and Saturday, announcements Sunday or Tuesday night depending on source, and the arrest of 4500 then 6000 then 7000 now 9000 of D.C's finest many of whom were partying hardy at the White House Correspondent's Gala at the Hilton in D.C. Saturday night. BUSH and LAURA and CHENEY spoke, BUSH conducted the Marine Band.  Kissinger, movie stars, political pundits and the wholly owned and controlled "free press" all had a grand time. Someone else must have been packing their toothbrushes for their supposed trip to the calaboose. Those to be arrested were supposedly given time with their lawyers this weekend in advance of arrest Monday so either that was bogus information distributed worldwide by the disinfo teams or else they all decided the smart thing to do in advance of incarceration was to have a party. Of course this was already on the calendar so there was no way out of it no matter the extenuating circumstances.
During the course of these events several more "releases for delivery" occurred, the standing by "interim government" was supposedly in readiness, there were additional Basel II sign-offs, the trigger packs left the court again, funds in accounts were made liquid and all was on go for deliveries and announcements-leading with the Constitution- and arrest. Then BINGO, the turds floated to the surface again.
WE are under no illusions as to "their" ability to mislead US but please keep in mind that our Intel comes from sources in many disciplines (banking, military, trustee's, courts, Treasury, etc.) and from many countries. Either our Intel is accurate when received then changes with events, or we and all our sources worldwide are played like banjo's daily and continuously. We are quite sure it is the former.
As matters stand now we expect the world, led by the Chinese, to overcome BUSH and deliveries to occur tomorrow, Monday, followed immediately by the other anticipated events.
As near as we can tell learning to speak Chinese is not part of the program.
                    casper    4-27-08