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Poof Report: April 27, 2008

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It may surprise some of you but, there are actually people who have put their own personal health on the line just to get this business over with. One such individual actually had to be transported to the hospital, this past tuesday, who was diagnosed with exhaustion. Some of these folks were Much younger when they joined up for this project back in the 80's and it has taken a toll on them. Americans gone from these shores, not being able to return for security reasons until it's conclusion, with only letters and phone calls from home, to suffice for contact. Too bad the world wasn't different. I suppose a book could be written, "The Bankers' War...End of the 20th Century"

What I have to say here about the status of the 'arrival' is quite short and to the point. The man is at the place where he can punch the mystical button and flood all awaiting accounts with liquid fun ds. I know that the first line of liquification, the lien holders, are hanging close to their respective points of access, as the word has gotten to them, the moment is any second now. Now there was a repeat to make a deal from this side to the 'owners' if you will, over the weekend. There was a request to split the money up between the lenders and the failing banks, yea help out the very people who created all this mess and bail them out....and they have enough nerve to say they'd be more efficient than we lenders at getting these funds spread across the ground and 'helping out'. You spend 100 years dogging the people and gauging them for everything they have and what, all the sudden the you're going to go humanitarian, like you just got religion or something? Well, I guess they thought this deal might get a better look than the first one which was, pay the lien holders and the trustees, and cut the lenders entirely out of the de al, giving the bankers our portion. This was greeted with the same enthusiasm, 'no haps on the craps, forgetaboutit, tell rose about it, hang it on the wall, tell it walkin' and I'm sure some other nice international phrases, I can't repeat in this newsletter. That attempt tho, did snatch away some days from the finality.

In the most positive way I can tell you, without stepping on any toes out here, I don't see myself writing any newsletters next sunday. Contracts are over, documents of every imaginable kind have been signed by everyone involved, and the 20th century banking schemes, have been finalized. I would like to know if Madame Wu is currently on us shores right now, as her presence would truly puncuate the times, with the us banking system. If anyone happens to spot her, please send me an email, the cooreography would be in place for the changeover. I'm inclined to think, if she is here right now, she'd be in NY, most likely, especially with 1 chinese bank going together on wall st and another soon to follow. Look, she's an older little lady about half as tall as junior but carrying enough power to make him roll up his face when he has to spend time around her...and he thought his mamma was a tough character. Jeeze, what's it sound like to be cussed out in cantonese? It can't be pleasant experience. Poor junior he only speaks, john wayne spanish. Not bad for a boy from Connecticut, I suppose.

I am dropping more lyrics on the bottem of the newsletter please read them and let the words saturate, as still don't know the moment when that man punches that button, but like a vulture on a limb, I am watching intently for the death stroke to be administered.

Consultations are available. Trust the asset engineers, they know us law better than most americans, they stay up with our laws, while we have a tendency to ignore the changes and think ev erything is the same as it's always been. I have said many times, you're going to have to shift the way your mind works, regarding the us, because the world has truly moved on, while we think everything is status quo. I shouted it out when the rothchilds gave up their gold seat in london after 200 years, no one paid any attention, the euro banged 1.50 against the dollar last week and gold is

being adjusted to it's new price, as the new system begins to come online...don't ignore this, this time. I am not babysitting thru this, you have to read and pay attention, and make your decisionsaccordingly. I am History when that pack hits my hands and free to go back to my former life, as an 'intelligent' person who talks to people about upgrading their personal lives, doing seminars and group hugs....lololol

Love and Kisses,