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Casper Update: April 22, 2008

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 Many unexpected things are going on behind the scenes which are mostly true but are not supposed to affect deliveries which we hear will be tomorrow.
Many sources report "papers" flown to New Orleans yesterday for BUSH'S signature which was obtained under duress then on to Switzerland.  Big Trustee to hospital, true, unrelated to this part of the deal. Global Banking delayed again, true, does not affect this delivery.
Today we learned AUSTRALIA has been incorporated. It appears to this reporter that the greatly feared NEW WORLD ORDER has been put into place brick by brick by brick over many many many previous decades all around the world. The EVIL OCTOPUS/SWAMP CREATURE/ILLUMINATI/SATANIC BASTARDS seem to control everything and are even now sending swarms of violence prone jack booted thugs through various States in "SWEEPS" for domestic terrorist. Peaceful protesters who have in any way confronted the beast (such as filing a lawsuit) are being rounded up and charged with domestic terrorism. WE know about even more serious acts of violence by these sicko's we can't write about for fear of endangering others. Every aspect of law enforcement has been incorporated and all are now agents of the FEDERAL CORPORATE BEAST. They control the courts, even the SUPREME COURT. They have incorporated all branches of the military and all departments and agencies of what we think of as "government".  The CORPORATE UNITED STATES  over threw the Constitutional Republic long long ago and violence and the threat of violence is now being employed against anyone who would expose them. 
If you have followed the exposures on and the activities of the goon squads around the country operating under the guise of "Homeland Security" you must surely recognize, as we do, the desperate attempts of the unconstitutional CORPORATE Government to protect itself. As we have often observed, the future of U.S. residents and indeed it appears, the future of all the occupants of what we term WESTERN CIVILIZATION is dependent upon the ANNOUNCEMENTS. The BEAST must go. The Constitution must rise. All laws, codes, regulations, E.O.'s, controls, unconstitutional acts, etc. passed by this Creditor/Illuminati owned and controlled administration's and congress's must be wiped off the books.
We must seat a constitutional government or accept the irreversible and permanent enslavement of all mankind.
WE hear the ANNOUNCEMENTS will come soon after deliveries but we have never known who will make them, nor do we know whether the delay in Global Banking will delay the announcements.
Our study of the disclosures and exposures over the last couple of months coupled with items not posted publicly proves beyond any doubt whatsoever that our country and the world is presently run by the most vile, corrupt, elitist, inhumane, satanic bunch you can possibly imagine. Today, this very day, BUSH, Mexican President CALDERON and Canadian Prime minister HARPER were overheard discussing what would happen to them if the people find out what they have been doing over the last several years beginning with their first NAU get together in WACO.  HARPER says he can not afford to have Canadians learn what they are doing via the treaty process bypassing the laws of each nation. BUSH said something about getting hung in 15 minutes. BUSH is in a rage over this info getting out earlier today. He was in a double rage yesterday due to the threats to immediately confiscate all his assets if he didn't sign the papers in New Orleans and other matters which turned out to be less well hidden than he supposed. The AMERO and the North American Highway are only pieces of the plan for total integration of the three countries and the "HARMONIZATION" of the laws of each as dictated by the Corporate Elites gathered in New Orleans.
"Their" point of view was "taught to them" by David Rockefeller who said:  "Better the World be Run by an Intellectual Elite Rather than National Governments".
Nothing is as we have perceived it to be.    The world is ruled by this Satanic Elitist Group which cares not one whit what you think, what your laws say or what our respective Constitutions call for. If there were a stronger word than TRAITOR I would use it.  The politicians are puppets in the hand of the controllers and they have sold their souls and their nation for personal gain of money and power. People, we must wake up. Or give up.
Which will you do?
                     casper   4-22-08  evening