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Casper Update: April 21, 2008

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So many of you have contributed documents and research papers and comments and insider Intel of one kind or another in recent weeks WE want to take a time out for a moment to thank each and every one of you who have contributed to this community endeavor and we do THANK YOU SO MUCH. Although time has not permitted individual responses everything you send is being carefully reviewed.  
Also, a heartfelt thanks to the dozens of you who have sent words of encouragement and kindness to Casper. Your messages have meant a great deal to us and often served as a "B-12 shot" when we needed it most. A review of our updates for just the last six months, an exercise we definitely do NOT recommend, reveals the intensity of the economic warfare behind the scenes which has delayed deliveries for so long. Those who are unaware of the never ending shenanigans originating in D.C. have no concept of what has actually been going on and the worlds difficulty overcoming the CORPORATION of THE UNITED STATES and the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels in D.C..
M,SJ,Wendy,GR,EW,PW,DDR,JVM,JS,REC,TJH,AJ and all the others who sent kind words. 
And a most special thanks to "S" and SK and Anne and Patrick Bellringer at FOURWINDS who have worked harder than anyone to inform us all.
The Trustee problems both small and large have been dealt with. The change from "ghost" money on computer screens to real money was underway all weekend. Packages were moving Sunday night.  Deliveries are expected today or tomorrow.
GORDON BROWN, the British Prime Minister, gave a most warmly received speech last week while in the U.S. (JFK Library) in which he introduced then hammered home what is apparently the new euphemism for the New World Order, THE GLOBAL SOCIETY. He must have used the phrase twenty times . GLOBAL this and GLOBAL that ad infinitum. He talked about the 1945 Marshall Plan and today's renewal of all the WORLD institutions, economic, political, environmental, humanitarian, A NEW INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTURE, etc., etc..  I mention this because BUSH is meeting today in New Orleans  with the Presidents of Mexico and Canada.  North American Union no doubt. Remember, according to the published plans of the CFR, TRILATERALIST, and BILDEBERGERS REGIONAL GOVERNMENT is to precede WORLD GOVERNMENT. There is nothing inherently wrong with the WORLDS GOVERNMENTS gathering themselves together to solve the WORLDS problems UNLESS the loss of National Sovereignty is required.
Several reports are in regarding wee hours television disclosures of Govt. and Banking corruption usually around 4 a.m. and some of it was on major channels such as ABC.
Regarding all the BANKRUPTCY DISCLOSURES we find the U.S. was placed into Bankruptcy in 1863. Add 70 years (Bankruptcy of Nations contract) and we are into 1933 when FDR did it again, add five years, 1938, when the Supreme Court codified what FDR had done in '33, add another 70 year contract and where are we?? April 4th 2008 that's where. And if BUSH and his D.C. MAFIA had their way we would have still another 70 year suspension of the Constitution.  Ain't gonna happen boys.
Regarding our use of the SWAMP CREATURE label we pilfered that from the writings of "S" which is also where most of our recent education comes from.
STORY and other messengers have said BUSH is going to take credit for the coming changes and make himself out to be the hero.
WE don't agree with this. A pig with lipstick is still a pig and no one has that much lipstick.
Please remember
Once again friends this should be the end of the old and the beginning of the new. Lets do good do right and do lots of it.
            casper    4-21-08