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Casper Second Update: April 16, 2008

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 FITZGERALD the man says he has been embarrassed in front of his POPE.
 So lets see what we can do to enhance his reputation with the American people.
 FITZGERALD the TRAITOR moved huge sums of money from Treasury to Switzerland. The Swiss, in keeping with the transparency of Basel II notified the U.S. and the money was retrieved. So FITZ is also a THIEF stealing funds belonging to the American people  on behalf of HIMSELF and the CORPORATION and the VATICAN. 
The POPE, meanwhile, demands the 2T be paid as BUSH signed the documents and, after all, he was and is the President. "WE" respond, I'm paraphrasing, "the $2T is the least of your worries. BUSH is the President of the CORPORATION not the United States and you (the Vatican) helped create the CORPORATION which owes you the money. The American people owe you nothing.  Go see your CORPORATE PRESIDENT MR. BUSH.  You (the Vatican) will be required, along with MERKLE, the QUEEN, and QUEEN BEATRICE to return all of the Marshall Plan and other monies stolen and in your possession. Every penny will be returned to the American people". 
If this was a Bloody Mary morning this afternoon was "four fingers of Wild Turkey and nevermind the ice".
We hear deliveries will be tomorrow, that the carriers have the packages and have had since Tuesday afternoon. It was only logistics which delayed it until tomorrow.  
KH wrote to "S" and "S" responded on  KH asked "WHAT CAN WE DO?
Maybe many of you are asking the same question?
It got me to thinking. What could WE do that would carry with it a legitimate expectation of sucess?
I have an idea.
What if WE begin a movement via the internet to demand that before November the candidates must individually and publicly state their allegiance to the constitution and their rejection of the CORPORATION of the UNITED STATES?  Could WE not raise a stink which would be smelled around the world?  Could we not immediately, and without cost, create a tsunami of public opinion by reaching tens of millions of internet users? Couldn't WE simply say "affirm the one and renounce the other"?  Not important to the American people you say? Only because they don't know yet that the 75 year Bankruptcy contract expired April 4th and that we are now at a crossroads as a nation. There is no greater issue in this election cycle. The Constitution must withstand this assault by CRIMINAL'S posing as the legitimate government of the United States.
If you like this idea please take the football and run with it. Treat this idea as your own.
             casper   4-16-08    evening