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Casper Update: April 16, 2008

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The really big question overnight was where did the $2T for the POPE come from? A spot audit was done and guess what, the intent was to pay the POPE from our tax receipts. The problem? We don't owe the POPE anything. BUSH does. He intended to use WE THE PEOPLE'S MONEY to pay his families personal debts to the POPE. Recollect, he has been all over the world desperately trying to raise money and was turned down by all countries including Russia, Egypt, the Saudi's, Korea, even Israel. He is in a fix. Even his ranch is at extreme risk right now. In addition, those Bloodhounds in South America did their job and there exist no more  fall back pot of gold down there. It must be a "Bloody Mary morning" in the Whitehouse. And the POPE? He should not have bet the CHURCH'S money on the BUSH'S four years ago.
FITZ, the dirty dog, was in on all of this facilitating things every step of the way. There is money missing from Treasury but it is not our money.
All or part of the MARSHALL PLAN MONEY went missing also. Remember, the money left over after the reconstruction of Europe after world war II was put into trade and grew into the $T's. This money was to be returned directly to the American people not to the U.S. Corporate Gov't.. Every penny will be retrieved from their hidey holes and returned to the people.
On our side things are very very busy up there right now with lots of good guys dealing with lots of bad guys. There are many things going on in parallel much of which we only get "whiffs" of so we are not mentioning those things right now. What appears fairly obvious is that the D.C. power structure which is the CORPORATE UNITED STATES continues to circle the wagons and fight the disclosure of a wide array of truths to the very end.  It is an amazing thing to witness our own elected people doing everything possible to suppress truth and attempt to retain "CONTROL" regardless of the consequences to their own countrymen or the world in general. The WORLD is having none of it and is doing what must be done. Just as the cost of the bailout of the corrupt financial institutions, especially the Wall Street Investment Banks and Primary Dealers, is being laid off on the citizens via inflation, so to are they attempting to bailout their ILLUMINATI  Bankruptcy by continuing to bleed the people forever and to maintain their fictional CORPORATE overlay of the CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.  POWER, GREED and CONTROL are their motivations. They are failing. This modern day BENEDICT ARNOLD named FITZGERALD has even tried, several times, to lien all our funds for himself, the VATICAN and the CORPORATE GOVERNMENT. He was thrown out of court.
WE hear we are back to Plan A which means exposure and arrest will follow announcements which follow deliveries which we expect today. Basel II is in effect and Global Banking is ready for business.
Please remember They need our help and no one has shown more courage or professionalism taking on the CORPORATE CRIMINALS in D.C..
In the beginning there was GEORGE WASHINGTON and less than five percent of the colonist. They fought barefoot in the winter to overcome oppression and preserve our REPUBLIC. Together we can and we will overcome today's version of tyranny. The announcements and exposure are absolutely critical to the future well being of the people and the REPUBLIC.
             casper    4-16-08