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Casper Upate: April 15, 2008

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Last nights update should have been dated 4/14 not 4/15. Sorry.
This keyboard works so much better when WE have good news to report instead of bad.
There is an intentional vagueness to the info we are receiving but the bottom line is delivery tomorrow.
The POPE was a big part of the ongoing problem demanding ALL the money and it was necessary that he be dealt with by the World Court. He settled for 2T which was approximately 1.99999T more than he deserved.
FITZ continued working for BUSH, CLINTON and the VATICAN trying all in his power to rape and rob the citizens of the United States in favor of the CORPORATE UNITED STATES. He was warned some time ago he would have to answer for that stance and we expect that to happen in due course.
WE hear the arrest will occur without his assistance, that announcements will begin tomorrow night and run for two weeks.
The BANKRUPTCY disclosures are expected and the people will learn who was receiving their tax payments for the past 75 years. Remember, until a couple of years ago the creditors private collection agency-the IRS-instructed tax payers to make their annual tax payments to any FEDERAL RESERVE BANK. It will be interesting to learn who received that money. This is a very big deal as it will simultaneously bring to an end the CRIMINAL CORPORATE OVERLAY of the STATES and the PEOPLE as explained in the writings of "S".  By the way, the ongoing dialog between "S" and WHISTLEBLOWER and BRAMERTON and CANTWELL and others as posted on FOURWINDS each day is very important if you desire to understand unfolding events in real time.
WE have been asked not to comment about who and how the packs were taken from the COURT and FITZ and where they were taken. It's all very good news for us.
WANTA was paid $1.7T today or WANTA paid $1.7T in taxes today. We have it both ways.
Well FRIENDS, its been such a long and difficult journey which should conclude tomorrow with the long sought outcome. Let us promise one another that we shall complete this task BY TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK FROM THE CRIMINALS IN D.C..
Sleep well tonight.
                   casper     4-15-08   evening