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Casper Update: April 14, 2008

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Most of D.C. is in a panic including BUSH, the POLITICIANS and the VATICAN regarding the exposure of the BANKRUPTCY and the potential disclosure of the fact that the VATICAN the QUEEN and other creditors of the BANKRUPTCY (as represented by the CORPORATE UNITED STATES and their ADMIRALTY COURTS) have been FLEECING the American Citizens for 75 years.
They do not want this scam to end. They want this information SUPPRESSED AT ALL COST.
They are afraid the people will burn D.C. to the ground when they learn what has been going on.
FITZGERALD is caught between two rocks and a hard place flip flopping daily in the direction of the greatest pressure. BUSH and the BUSH FAMILY which borrowed  $T's they can't repay, the VATICAN and WE THE PEOPLE are applying intense pressure. The VATICAN does not want the past disclosed or the gravy train to end.
BUSH and D.C. are afraid for their lives and WE THE PEOPLE in the company of THE WORLD are demanding deliveries and the truth be told.
Five major sources confirm Brinks/CHINA/others were at the SUPREME COURT Sunday mid-afternoon to get the "trigger" packages out for delivery today. The "deal" with FITZ was not 48 hours. It was not Tuesday or Wednesday or even Monday OR Tuesday. It was delivery today.
So where are they?
They are back in the SUPREME COURT on orders of FITZGERALD and that in a nutshell is where we stand at this moment.
WE are of course aware of the two dozen sources saying delivery tomorrow not today and we hope and pray they are correct.
WE just don't see how that which is in the Court tonight can be delivered tomorrow.
The U.S. CORPORATE GOV'T is doing everything possible to suppress the BANKRUPTCY DOCUMENTS and disclosure of it's terms to the American people including ordering SWITZERLAND (where the Bankruptcy was negotiated) not to disclose.
FITZ, BUSH and the VATICAN and no doubt the QUEEN are in a panic that all will become known and at the very least D.C. CORPORATE POLITICIANS, JUDGES, BANKERS, TREASURY OFFICIALS, etc. will have to scramble to avoid the TAR and FEATHERS.
They own the MEDIA and therefore believe they can continue the cover-up's's's's's's's indefinitely.
Several IMF sources have been told to expect their deliveries Wed through Fri which is of course dependent upon us receiving first.
The POPE arrives tomorrow. After several days in D.C. he will address the United Nations in New York.
WE don't know everything. We are reporting what we do know which as you know is subject to change hourly.
            casper   4-14-08   evening