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Casper Update: April 13, 2008

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There are times when WE would like to sit on current news hoping things might change so we can avoid passing along bad news. Our quandary is that if we do that we are being less than straight forward with you and also that those who read these updates in high places might not learn what we have learned until later and that might cause a delay in actions by those capable of taking action. This is a time when we must publicly post current news even though we would prefer not to.
As you may have surmised there is an important group in D.C. working for us and the country trying to overcome the evil ones. We have fed them a huge quantity of documents in support of all the things you read about on WWW.FOURWINDS10.COM. They have been confronting the D.C. mafia for some time now but are being stymied by the corrupt "establishment" on all fronts especially the courts/judges who are at the very heart of our nations problems in addition to BUSH, CHENEY, CHERTOFF, PAULSON, BERNAKE, ROBERTS, FITZGERALD and the SENATORS who were bribed and others who continue to do every conceivable thing to block deliveries and therefore announcements and therefore exposure (remember our reports two and three years ago of the 200 or so accounts opened at the Royal Bank of Canada for the Senators and other D.C. dignitaries). It is literally a life or death situation for them and survival of their 100 year reign and control of the planet is at stake. They would retain the status quo including the indentured servitude of future generations. They are TRAITORS, all of them, and the only thing they care about is the retention of their power, maintenance of secrets and control of our country via their CORPORATE CONSTRUCTS which necessitates the death of the Constitution and the Republic, the continuation of our nation in Bankruptcy, the control of the Congress and the Courts and the continuation of their NAZI/VATICAN overlay of governments around the world.
It is important that STORY has reappeared bringing forward such intell as the 2T$  U.S./CHINA transaction Friday which we have confirmed but don't understand especially as we hear it was a U.S. payment to CHINA which raises all kinds of questions such as where did this money come from and whether CHINA has been "bought"? WE suspect BUSH may have gotten his hands on the TAX RECEIPTS after all.
FITZGERALD told the Country's, our D.C. contacts and a room full of people deliveries would occur Saturday morning. By noon it was obvious he had lied again. He was confronted late Saturday and said packages had left the SUPREME COURT at 4 p.m. Saturday and would be delivered today, Sunday.  FITZ was confronted again this morning and now says he is following orders from BUSH, CHENEY and the POPE. He says the packages are in the SUPREME COURT under armed guard and will not leave there. A follow up report says the POPE is now laying claim to the funds saying "the little people can not handle this money properly but the CHURCH can". FITZ is Roman Catholic and appears happy to be a full fledged member of the most EVIL CABAL on earth and a most willing participant in the ongoing cover-ups, subterfuge, immunities and never ending lies. FITZ should get an extra share of the pot as he is truly the "CHIEF LIAR IN CHARGE". He now says he will not indict, all in D.C. will go free and the packages will never be delivered. These statements are from his own mouth this morning. 
What, if anything, can or will be done about all this is unknown at this time. WE have not learned the outcome of the COURT/WANTA meetings Friday. The D.C. area Judges are blocking all attempts by our allies seeking justice in their "administrative/admiralty" courts. This OCTOPUS named SATAN seems to have complete control of everything in WASHINGTON D.C. which as we have all learned, now operates under EMERGENCY POWERS CIRCA 1933, EXECUTIVE ORDERS AND MERCHANT COURTS, and is run by successive administrations and Congress's and courts which work for the CREDITORS of THE BANKRUPTCY i.e. the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS i.e. THE NEW WORLD ORDER and they will not allow a return to the CONSTITUTION  but will maintain the enslavement of the people via the Bankruptcy and the "Legislative Democracy" at all cost. 
The source of funds and the payment of the 2T to CHINA is, we suspect, central to whatever is unfolding now. If STORY has further Intel WE encourage him to post it now. 
As a U.S. Treasury secretary said long ago, "It is our dollar but it is YOUR problem". Having already crashed the dollar some 40% over the last two years it appears BUSH and his MAFIA are threatening the rest of the world with the final "crash" if they don't follow his instructions meaning the rest of the world which was forced to warehouse U.S. dollars and Treasury Instruments to pay for oil would lose their "reserves". Is it any wonder our Govt. and therefore our Country is despised around the world?
Not everyone is able or inclined to read and study all the legal documents which have come to light and been posted recently but for those of us who have studied them let us summarize for you by saying that BUSH/CLINTON/BUSH and others all the way back to BUSH'S grandfather PRESCOTT-A NAZI BANKER-and the entire D.C. POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT have withheld truth from you since the 1930's and are determined to continue doing so and are equally determined that their takeover of the United States of America by their wholly owned and personally controlled CORPORATE UNITED STATES will win the day and through their control of the MEDIA all will be suppressed and "BUSINESS AS USUAL" will continue.
As always, it is up to THE WORLD to overcome this FEDERAL FORT full of criminals now joined by his HOLINESS who demands the money for his church.
 WE will report further developments as they occur.
                casper    4-13-08