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Casper Update: April 9,2008

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Damn, thought sure we were done with this last night.
 Fitzgerald, who seems to have become BUSH'S "little b----" blocked deliveries today. Don't know how-he just did. CHINA and others have "dealt with him" we hear-deliveries tomorrow. 
The paragraph is yesterday's update regarding some people not receiving has upset some people so here is an example. Back in the early days a farm claim "writer" who may have been a manager of many writers had accumulated several thousand farm claims and was ready to "turn them in".
The office in Fort Collins had been closed.  Hildebrand, Metlic and Swasinger had been arrested. He didn't know what to do so he "hid them out". Then along came the trials and sentencing so he hid them out some more. What would you do? WE think those claims are still "hid out" so how could the claimant possibly be paid? And, the poor guys and gals have no idea this happened to them and won't know until we receive and they don't. This is one example, there may be others. These are the folks who will need our help later.
WE realize these daily delays are frustrating, even traumatizing, but that's all it is, a one day delay one more time. WE are very confident about tomorrow.