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Casper Update: April 8, 2008

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Never again should the name FITZGERALD and the word PATRIOT be mentioned in the same sentence and I apologize for doing so yesterday.
CHENEY stopped deliveries today. Fits knew what he was doing and told no one.
The "trigger" packs were out yesterday p.m. for delivery today when CHENEY ordered the well known carrier not to deliver and they were then held in the vault in New York overnight. CHENEY was demanding Immunity for himself along with an unknown amount of money for himself. Fitz knew this early this morning and for unknown reasons failed to inform the good guys.
WE had learned previously that FITZ had been ordered by BUSH not to indict HILLARY some time back and had complied with the directive. Now this. No wonder he has lost the respect of his own people.
CHENEY has been advised that if he interferes again "it is going to get ugly".
 Everyone should draw their own conclusions regarding FITZGERALD in light of previous exposures and today's FACTS, including his wife, children and grand children.
WE hear GREENSPAN is attempting to set up a SWISS CONTROLLED CENTRAL BANK in this country. Unsure what this means but sure of Intel.
BUSH supposedly paid the ALBANIAN MAFIA 500M for unknown purposes. We must all keep an eye on this one.
The packs left New York at 4:45 p.m. for delivery tomorrow assuming CHENEY/BUSH/FITZGERALD have been adequately dealt with.
Everyone in TREASURY, JUSTICE and the SUPREME COURT have once again been threatened with immediate loss of their job if they say anything at all. They never did find our "bugs".
Still hearing no immunity for traitors and Fitz didn't have authority to grant same in the first place. No arrest today, presuming after delv and announcements. Hearing ROBERTS will be forced off the Court.
Hearing we went on BASEL/new banking Sunday night at 12:01 a.m. and Global Banking now open for business.
It seems certain now that everything we have read about and discussed over the last year or ten is tied together in the changes which are upon us right now. A tremendous education has been made available via FOURWINDS for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Together we are a big part of the unfolding construct and so it is vitally important we conduct ourselves responsibly. Money piled up for your viewing pleasure does no one any good not even you (or me).
There are likely many recipients who are anxiously awaiting delivery like us who may not get a delivery for one reason or another. Picture yourself in that position. Imagine the heartbreak. At a future date a request may come to you asking you to contribute to a highly secured escrow account governed by rules made known to you in advance.  When and if that day comes please give generously to aid those who got the shaft due no fault of their own.
Over a long period of time WE have done our best to bring you current status and truth to the best of our understanding and ability always knowing we are dealing with the tip of the iceberg and our interpretations could easily be wrong when viewed from a higher perspective. We did our best.
Go confidently now in the direction of your dreams and live the life you imagined (Henry David Thoreau).
              casper    4-08-08