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Casper Update: April 7, 2008

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WE hear Fitz has changed his mind.
WE hear he had and experience with "friendly persuasion". That arrests start tomorrow. That there was another "release" around 12:30 p.m. today for delivery tomorrow. WE hear the "reluctant patriot" has lost the respect of his staff.
WE hear there were four "justices" involved in the rip-off of twenty or so percent of our funds which occurred while the packages were in the possession of the SUPREME COURT.
WE hear the "candidates" were informed their "deals" with FITZ has fallen through not to mention everyone else's deal with the reluctant patriot. 
5000+ arrest? Well gee whiz Fitz, that's a good start. When you finish with them arrest yourself.
Two entirely unrelated reports say Dotson participants in England have received their packages (probably no access).
Have you seen the article by ALLAN CANTWELL on FOURWINDS entitled YOUR BOND-EXEMPTION-STRAWMAN ??         Give up supper if necessary, you must read this.
There has been underway since Sunday and extremely important meeting going on inside the Supreme Court. The "meeting of meetings". Supposedly the "release" came out of this meeting so we are expecting deliveries tomorrow. This is where the rubber is meeting the road and is separate from our friendly little get-to-gethers with the reluctant patriot.
WE hear announcements will commence tomorrow and go for as long as necessary to expose everything.
WE hear the U.S. is not just in default but "major default" allowing the seizure of U.S. Corporate assets overseas.  
One of the scams the scums were running was to put the U.S. back into bankruptcy. That BUSH. Isn't he something? Never a dull moment.  Oops! Stubbed his toe again. WE hear the walls are closing in on him.
It was the posting on FOURWINDS of the D.& B. information (corporations) by "S" which blew D.C. wide open. Gov't. employees were shocked. In hindsight that appears to have been the silver bullet.  
We don't know everything. We know some things we can't say here. Most things are getting settled behind closed doors as we speak. After a very rough few days the storm is clearing and all looks good for us.
                casper   4-7-08