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Casper Update: April 6, 2008

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Well, we didn't attack IRAN at 4 a.m. this morning as projected by the RUSSIANS so this is a good day already.
A contract expired Friday, April 4th, 2008.  A 75 year old contract. What happened in 1933? And in 1938?
This is a most complex subject so I must warn you in advance that this is not my area of specialty (as if I have one) so I will not do this subject justice as someone like "S" might and hopefully will.  For you lawyers and researchers out there background for these brief remarks can be found in the book THE MODERN HISTORY OF THE COMMERCIAL LIEN PROCESS and in the 1938 CASE of ERIE R.R. vs Thompkins.  Also see 12 USCA 95A and attendant EXECUTIVE ORDERS.
What follows is subject to correction by "S" or other more knowledgeable reporters.
FDR put the U.S. into Bankruptcy March 9, 1933 but it was not until 1938 that the Supreme Court ruled in various ways that the U.S. would no longer be a Constitutional Republic but rather a "Legislative Democracy". The United States could not borrow money so Roosevelt devised a scheme (plot?) whereby the full faith and credit of the STATES would be "attached" to the Federal Government providing the collateral the U.S. needed and the States would from that time forward receive Federal Benefits. Included was the pledging of the people themselves and their future labor as security instruments, hence we all became chattel of the CORPORATE UNITED STATES in Washington D.C.
To provide further control the "trading with the enemy act/war powers act" from the nineteen teens was updated to 1933 to include U.S. citizens as "enemies of the state" and we became "occupied" by foreign creditors. Simultaneously they took us from "public law" into "public policy"and brought merchant law (admiralty law) upon the land suspending the Constitution and changing the courts from Article 1 courts to Administrative Tribunals.  In 1938 the Supreme Court codified what FDR had done in 1933 and we were henceforth ruled by the "Uniform Commercial Code", Executive Orders, and a slew of rules and regulations often in direct contradiction of the Constitution. Simultaneously "they" created "credit money" which has allowed them to bury us in debt acknowledged as 9T but in truth is close to 50T.
To facilitate all this everybody(govt entity) became a corporation, even the courts. Everything was disguised and the incestuous relationships grew and grew until there were no longer 3 branches of Government, all was one giant punch bowl of ever increasing debt from which every entity became addicted and got drunk all the way down to the municipal level. Since 1938 we have lived under merchant/commercial/admiralty law not the Constitution and all of them have known it, withheld this knowledge from the public, caused untold grief in a thousand ways and are now about the business of supressing and pardoning and parsing and spinning and lord knows what all else. All states signed up and went along with this "plastic overlay" of the states by the UNITED STATES except Louisiana which joined up later. 
Taken together these acts of Treason were in direct contravention of the Constitutional Conventions themselves. They replaced the real person with the state created fictitious person which they then "securitized" as collateral for foreign debts and then they released upon the people the jack booted Internal Revenue Service which became the collection agency for the foreign creditors to which our very lives had been given over. The use of all CAP'S as in UNITED STATES, the same with the States and the Citizens themselves represented the blending of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, the States and the People into the commercial lien process which has brought us to the current state of affairs where the "swamp creature" (UNITED STATES) which "owns" us and has pledged us (master/slave) controls EVERYTHING, every aspect of our lives and especially finances. The courts became "administrator's" for foreign creditors and our country became a "legislated democracy" a form of Government despised by our founding fathers. It appears all of this and a great deal more is expiring/has expired/contract expired Friday.
Now comes the "change over" in banking (opening of "Global Banking") and prayerfully the long awaited return of the Constitution. 
Meanwhile the FED RES appears to be taking on unlimited quantities of toxic paper, gold has been moved round about, east meets west in a new global banking system and likely a new monetary system, a refi-re-liquification of the world looms large, rascals are scurrying to and fro trying to cover up past sins which might become public all the way back to the beginning of the just expired contract. Preparations to hide, suppress, pretend, pardon and whitewash seem well under way including the last minute "aw shucks-who cares" from FITZGERALD.
As you can see, as you already knew, that which is coming down is worldwide in scope and overwhelming in magnitude. The decisions, whatever they are, have been made and have been implemented with input from only the criminals not the innocent. While they bailout the corrupt financial institutions they simultaneously take from the people the last refuge of the citizen in a  jam-the discharge of debts in bankruptcy. The politicians are owned by the banks, the credit card companies, big oil, big pharmacy and others who are willing and able to keep them in the style to which they have become accustomed. "Let them eat cake" as they say.
Knowing all this was coming these same "insiders" have spent the last few years sucking everything humanly possible out of the system without regard to the systemic risk to the system or to the country itself as they knew the PAULSONS, GREENSPANS, BERNAKES. COX'S and FITZGERALDS of the world would do nothing about it except to lay off onto the backs of the citizens the resulting carnage.  Most of it is now in their personal pockets as their rape rob and pillage knew no boundaries as there were no boundaries. It was every man for himself, grab everything possible and to hell with the already failed and about to expire system.
There was to be an accounting. The bad guys were to lose their "frozen" ill gotten gains. Now it appears, although we don't have definitive proof (yet), that they are sitting around behind closed doors counting-a billion for you-a billion for me-etc. etc. etc..
Whether BUSH/FITZGERALD et al have partnered to stop deliveries again will have to await developments as FITS is now hiding under his desk needing no advice from anyone other than the usual suspects.
We do not believe it to be his intention to stop deliveries which we believe to be imminent. Don't you just love that word along with "tomorrow". Hopefully the announcements will shed light instead of further darkness.
              casper    4-6-08