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Casper Update: April 4, 2008

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Obviously something went wrong.  FITZGERALD is speaking to no one. We know he has been under extreme pressure from many quarters and facing many threats. This delay, however, appears unrelated. Even so, he lied, and as you have read here several times before, once you determine a man to be a liar it is usually downhill from there.  
WE now expect Monday or Tuesday. Those scheduled Saturday pending our deliveries today are now being rescheduled for first of week.
The reason for this delay appears to be peripheral to us and is being taken care of. There are things happening at levels far above our receiving packages and a situation at the higher level had to be dealt with involving BUSH and Documents in Europe and it is. He does not want filthy family laundry washed in public. Can't blame a fellow for that now can we. If deliveries don't occur the first of the week we hear the proverbial poo poo is going to hit the fan, the desperate reach for secrecy will have come to naught and those who think nothing of torturing thousands will get to drink a huge dose of their own medicine.    
O.K. to be upset, WE are, but not to worry.