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Casper Update: April 3, 2008

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We COULD describe things hour by hour since Sunday afternoon when BUSH met with the FRENCHMAN and many others
We COULD write about F and the Trustees Monday and their midnight banking
We COULD write about what his 177 atty's were doing in Treasury and the Supreme Court all night Monday
We COULD describe volumes of disinformation, overcoming it and bad guys getting axed as a result
We COULD talk about thousands of indictments and the beginning of service of arrest warrants
We COULD tell what was added to the packs by F
We COULD describe why F is above the reach of BUSH, the Court and the Senators
We COULD talk about Wanta and Dotson
We COULD discuss this and that and a great big bunch of other details
But none of it matters anymore. It is no longer relevant. All has been overcome. We anticipate deliveries tomorrow. Everybody tomorrow.
                   Fitzgerald for President
                  casper    4-3-08
p.s. Today a certain Senator (candidate) is DEMANDING that deliveries and announcements not occur. He was told where to stuff it.