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Casper Update: March 29, 2008

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10). A suitcase NUKE on the loose in Texas? See article on FOURWINDS.
The FED is swapping Treasury Instruments for the most toxic waste paper in the banks. What are Treasury Instruments? They are Debt Instruments of the UNITED STATES. Debt owed by us to the FED. That's you and me and our grandchildren even though we never agreed to become the CORPORATIONS chattel or to co-sign for their fee generating scams. So they are bailing out the corrupt banks with our debt instruments and our grandchildren's future servitude while they EARMARK monuments for each other in congress and refuse to make public who EARMARKED what. Most of the time they are busy whoring themselves out, the rest they spend playing Santa Claus with our money. Of course they have incorporated themselves also. Still think any of them work for us?  A GOVERNMENT/BANKING/FED REES/CFR/MULTI-NATL CORP/MEDIA PARTNERSHIP. Total control and the sheep don't even know they were sheared much less how they did it.  Those in their McMansion's in the Hamptons counting their BILLIONS must be laughing their ass's off as the American people are forced to bailout the very entities which caused the mess and made all of them filthy rich in the process. The joke is on us friends and in this reporters opinion the biggest joke of all are the gutless clowns in the Pentagon whose oath's to the Constitution was supposed to be our last and unshakable defense against gangster government. Now we find they too have incorporated themselves. Its all about commercial/admiralty law (Uniform Commercial Code) having replaced the constitution while we the people slept (see the writings of "S" on FOURWINDS).
Now comes announcements Monday that PAULSON wants Congress to give the FED RES even greater power by reducing the regulatory authority of such existing entities as the SEC. Not more regulation mind you, just put what regulation there is into the hands of the most corrupt organization in the history of the world, the FED RES.  Remember, this is a privately owned Banking Cartel not an agency of the government.  Congress can't even audit the FED yet their incestuous relationship now expands to include all types of financial institutions from equity buyout companies to hedge funds. Watch for SINCLAIR and other professionals to take on this subject in the next few days.
As to the claims the FED is broke, Fox interviewed a smart fellow Thursday who twice said the FED has 900B on its balance sheet only 400B of which has so far been committed to the bailout. AND, don't forget, they can "create money out of thin air". There is no such thing as the FED running out of money. The debt ceiling, increased "automatically" every six months by the Congress, is a limit upon the government not the FED RES.  
BUSH and CLINTON are in a rage over the D&B info on FOURWINDS. Every report from D.C. now mentions this subject matter. Perhaps we should start publishing this public data in newspapers and forward it to tens of thousands of web addresses. Might as well give them something to rage about, speaking of which it is up to each and every one of us to distribute truth individually without supervision or hand holding by others. Send things to judges, mayors, sheriff's, Senators and representatives demanding to know why they have sold out and in the case of Judges, have turned their courtrooms into their personal for-profit-piggy banks. The point is to let them know we know and someday they will be required to answer for their Treason.
Notice that GLOBAL BANKING, originally scheduled for August if i recall correctly, has been delayed again and again and is still not open for business. Along the way we heard BUSH told big domestic banks "you do not have to comply". Putting this with other observations it appears to this reporter that U.S. banks can't comply, can't meet the "reserve" requirements as they are "upside down". It appears BUSH and the "East Coast Establishment" (euphemism for NEW WORLD ORDER) somewhere along the way made a conscious decision to not comply, to not participate, to tough it out even if it means they must destroy the currency and therefore the living standards of the American people in the process in order to save the house of cards they lord over. Above all this talk/typing and weak analysis by your friendly ghost are geo-political considerations unknown to us including the usual solution to problems of this nature-WAR-which we are just not qualified to address. It still appears to be a battle for control of the world, the ILLUMINATI vs everybody else. So whets new??  
Duplicate sets of packages? If yes, why don't they deliver them?
Thursday morning the "trigger" packages were on the vault floor at the Supreme Court. Thursday evening, as reported at the time, they were not. This seemed to confirm the "irrevocable delivery" information we had from so many important sources Thursday afternoon and evening. Friday afternoon they were back on the vault floor and BUSH was screaming that we "sons of bitches" do not deserve this money, this is his money, we will never see these packages, we will never see the packages as long as he is President and Hillary chimes in to say "we" would not know how to handle this kind of money and only they are qualified to do so. We have this information with slight variations from half a dozen sources including some in the White House. Then the excuses began to hit the street, Jones money not ready, not finished with Holocaust, etc.etc.. It's all cover for the ongoing blockage by BUSH/ROBERTS etc.. None of this verbal rage is new so don't let it get to you to much. He has been screaming the same things for months while trying every trick imaginable to steal and trade. The Holocaust Victims can not access till we receive, the 160 Country's paid on the computer can not access till we receive, the level 3 Trustees receiving additional downloads Wednesday can not access till we receive and on and on it goes with the same bottom line outcome. So, it is BUSH against the world as it has always been and it up to the world to do the pushing and the over coming. Our job, as we see it, is to put as many burrs under BUSH'S saddle as possible and with your help we will continue to do so by exposing truths unknown to the vast majority of the swamp creatures helpers.
What can you/we do? What if each of us take the personal responsibility for forwarding the truths now appearing regularly on FOUR to other web-sites? It's a small thing individually but a huge thing collectively. And it's something you can do without leaving the house or putting your name on anything. And it is the Patriotic thing to do as well. If we educate web host and web sites they will educate their own and together we can build such a brush fire of truth that it is even conceivable that their whole corrupt CORPORATION will be forced to answer to WE THE PEOPLE. Will you do your part?
FITZGERALD? WE hear his investigations are continuing and he is being guarded by Interpol.
This situation is beyond criminal. They have tortured our people with lies for so long that thousands have died usually from stress related heart attacks. Many have taken their own lives. But for a teaspoon of truth so many lives could have been saved. It seems to me WE are the HOLOCAUST VICTIMS.  OUR SIDE, if there be such a thing, has become equally culpable and hopefully we will someday learn who is responsible for this Rocky Horror Picture Show.
We have no "bottom line" to offer at this moment. We know of many peripheral examples of forward movement but what good are such items as "money in place" without deliveries. WE would not be surprised to see deliveries today or surprised to find we are off till Tuesday. It goes without saying we are working on this around the clock and will report again when circumstances permit.
casper   3-29-08