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Casper Second Update: March 27, 2008

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Did you see the FDIC report saying there are 155,400 BILLION DOLLARS of derivatives in seven U.S. Banks?
The FOURWINDS article by SINCLAIR entitled "THE DESTRUCTION OF THE AVERAGE MAN" should have the sub-title " A truthful response to PAULSON'S

televised SPINNAKER speech wednesday morning". Please read. Click on archives.

Also on FOURWINDS after many hours of hard work by "S", is the promised DUNN & BRADSTREET listings for a large sampling of the INCORPORATION of THE UNITED STATES and all it's departments and agencies. We are referring D.C. employee's to this posting not to mention FITZGERALD, speaking of whom, he wasn't answering his phones all day today. He was being threatened yesterday. This material, thanks to "S" and FOURWINDS is being spread all over D.C. this very day. It is being handed by one employee to another, from department to department and they are directing each other to FOURWINDS. SENATORS are trying to deny it but can't deny the obvious. Hats off to "S" and Patrick for this enormous public service.  
WE hear BUSH went after the DOTSON money (totaling T's), to trade it of course, but our sources say he is blocked.
Meanwhile notice that 1). Cheney visits many mid-east base's including the big one in Qatar while 2).SADAR?(spelling) a Sheite who spent the recent several months in IRAN begins Shia uprisings in Bagdad and Basra and 3). News services here and abroad quote Russian General as saying U.S. to attack IRAN on April 6th and demands meeting of security counsel and 4). this is the same week as the anticipated false flag operation against the U.S.S. Eizenhower last year and 5). BUSH meets with Generals this week in the "TANK" at the Pentagon (extreme security) to get an update on IRAQ (hahaha) and 6). This is approximately the same time when GLOBAL BANKING is scheduled and 7). 50 lb's of "dirty bomb" material seized from FARC in Columbia this week proving it's available and 8). Adm. Fallon is "retired" as commander at CENTCOM (big IRAN war opponent) and 9). on that date BUSH will be with PUTIN in Russia. Smoke. Lot's and lot's of smoke.
Also on FOURWINDS-click on archives at the bottom of the page-Do yourself a favor and read "PROTEST and REBELLION". So much wonderful material appearing so quickly yesterdays important articles are being quickly pushed into archives. WHERE WOULD WE BE WITHOUT FOURWINDS?
We have no answers regarding STORY'S lack of participation in current news. That's his business so ask him. Perhaps his clients are slow readers?
The BANKING BAILOUT continues. They are doing anything,, including "the destruction of the average man" to keep the casino doors open and the gamblers gambling. Otherwise their FED RES ponzi scheme collapses and THEIR currency is burnt toast.
And now for the news-
It was once again supposed to be today for sure, now we hear they paid the Holocaust Victims today and we go tomorrow and yes we do believe it and feel quite good about it given the many pieces of data affecting our opinions. There are some things we could tell which would lift your sprits but it would not be in our best interest for us to do so here.
The "de-coupling" information beginning mid-day yesterday and continuing today originated in D.C. according to our sources even though several people heard it in Europe. It is not true. The program packages in question are on the move tonight. They were not "COUPLED" in the first place, they just had to come first and they will.
The secrecy and blocking of in&out calls continues up there making things difficult. Nevertheless we hear justice will prevail and ROBERTS/SDO et al have kindly tied the knots in their own hanging ropes.
Receive, act nice, activate from home, spend, watch announcements, call for appt., go see movie at bank, deposit big check held there, follow instructions, follow instructions.
MARCH 28, 2008. OUR DAY, we say, lets pray.
              casper      3-27-08