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Casper : 2nd Update March 25, 2008

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Many years ago, many, there was no doubt SDO (Sandra Day O'Connor) was on our side. Back then the "war room" was in Indian Wells and we knew day by day, month by month what was happening there and who was arriving and departing in the caravans of Limo's with flags flying. Those days were just as intense as these days.
Then her sisters house in Phoenix blew up. Then we heard of death threats against family members. Then we heard she sold out to the BUSH'S. What would you do? She is described by Asian contacts as "a three headed snake". WE have been "holding our fire" on this subject searching for offsetting input and we do have some, but it is minor in comparison to current news and unfolding events.
Today we learned she was/is the one who tried to facilitate the massive trade of the tax monies for BUSH and ROBERTS. The reports of her replacing C.T. appear false as she was in the court today "laughing her ass off" with ROBERTS about our expecting deliveries today-not in the Trustee's office. Can you imagine such cruelty? This is not telephone talk friends. It happened.
This morning the last boy scout, Fitzgerald, was back in Treasury "investigating". This afternoon he was ordered by ROBERTS to cease and desist. Tonight we hear they needed him out of the way so they could once again attempt to trade the peoples tax money. It was blocked.
We had heard that the "Advisory Committee", or as STORY refers to them, the "Oversight Panel", is operating inside Treasury. Some "oversight" huh?
Obviously ROBERTS has not been neutered and we simply can not explain why things are one way yesterday and the opposite way today. The dis-info which is put out each day originates with the handful at the top, is spread far and wide including to sources in Europe and it takes some time to find out that it is false. Although we know at all times what all these sources are saying much of our information comes from "fly's on walls" and we are virtually certain of it's accuracy at the time it is given. Then things change. How we got from Fridays info to Tuesdays opposite outcome is unknown as so much is happening behind locked doors. The original reports of "community blackmail" seem most plausible to us.
Of course we are aware of such things as "project managers in banks today" (which is true) being the excuse du jour but we do not believe that has anything to do with us or these delays. BUSH-ROBERTS-SDO are the reasons for these delays and their cruelty and evil nature are on display for the whole world to see. They are obviously "above the law", or rather they have been thinking they are above the law if any law still exist within the Federal Fort known as Washington D.C..This is not the government of the United States of America at work here but rather the officers of the CORPORATION of THE UNITED STATES. They are in for a rude awakening we think.
WE believe deliveries will be tomorrow. WE honestly believe deliveries will be tomorrow.
         casper    3-25-08