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Casper Update: March 24, 2008

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Casper 3-23-08
WE are hearing of more "releases" today for delivery tomorrow. Some Trustee's are telling their participants the first increment will be FRN's, other sources say NO WAY.
WE hear the vote in the Court Friday was NOT unanimous, that Scalia, Alito, and Thomas were involved with ROBERTS and BUSH. WE had heard over the weekend that MAMA and NEIL and the DAUGHTERS and other "high level" officials" also involved. WE heard that ROBERTS resignation was signed Friday afternoon without the "S" on his name voiding the document, but more importantly WE heard that after the Friday dog and pony that "community blackmail" got underway and that they are likely to WHITEWASH everything as most took bribes at one time or another, some went to the "ranch" and all are equally vulnerable. WE heard that the "advisory committee" up there is real but they are doing nothing. At first we heard Fitzgerald was doing nothing either but this afternoon he and his investigators were in Treasury "investigating". SDO, who had been in the HAGUE supposedly looking after our interest is now in D.C., involved in these latest troubles and according to some has replaced the Connecticut Trustee. WE are having trouble determining which side she actually represents as comments about her from multiple sources including international sources are not flattering to say the very least. The VERY least.  WE hear Global Banking is not up and running but is close. And KISSINGER. ALL mentions of his name are in the context that he is our country's greatest TRAITOR. These comments are from well informed "insiders" not the milkman.
WE hear the real reason CLINTON was not impeached and BUSH will not be impeached is because they were and are PRESIDENT of the CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES and they can not impeach without exposing this greatest of all scams. D.C., States, Municipalities, the IRS, all government departments and agencies such as the DOJ have been incorporated and this is all part and parcel of how the Constitutional Republic was overthrown without a shot being fired except to kill many of those who devoted their lives to exposing these truths. This is what SENIOR meant when he said "if they find out what we have done they (meaning us) will hang us from the lamp post". Now government employee's in D.C. are suddenly awaking to the fact they are working for the "swamp creature", i.e. the CORPORATE UNITED STATES not for the American people and they are asking for instant education. They are ignorant and innocent except at the higher levels and are now waking up to the TREASONOUS CONDUCT of those they work for and until recently, respected. WE don't have time to do everything. These "exposures" (of the CORP. U.S.) have been on the net for several years. If you would like to be of assistance please send the articles you have archived to Mr Bellringer at so they may be referenced by the government employee's in D.C. who are suddenly requesting same.
All is in flux in D.C.. Naturally "they" are livid about these exposures and doing their best to maintain secrecy with the primary motivation being survival. Because they control the media and all the domestic "power centers" the net is our only outlet. As we have said before, the Congress is in on much of this having sold themselves not to the high bidder but to every available bidder. The Senate is a whorehouse. The Pimps live on K street, the Johns are any and all wanting favorable treatment (can you imagine such things as subsidies for big oil?). The "Beltway" is a giant toilet seat. D.C. is a cesspool of corruption with the worst of it at the highest levels where being a puppet pays very well (have you watched the Congressmen and Senators over the years kissing the feet of the FED RES as they appear before committees (except Ron Paul). Full exposure of the unbelievable levels of criminal activity in D.C. would likely panic the public so we question what they will actually expose. For two years we have heard the "SUITCASE" contains irrefutable proof regarding 9-11.
They had set up ghost accounts at Treasury showing the money in place and they didn't even know the money was gone until the little birdy told them. Then the employee's were called back in and worked all night to find it. The money (9.1T) was moved to several offshore banks to be used as collateral for trades scheduled Friday through Tuesday night. It was caught, blocked, retrieved and all this tax money is now back in Treasury. It would have generated the 35T BUSH had been searching for so desperately. 
WE expect deliveries tomorrow after which we will likely be required to go quiet and await developments.
                    Casper    3-24-08