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Casper Late Update: March 21, 2008

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House keeping first.
The reports about credit lines was personal credit lines being revoked by banks regardless of customers credit history, not credit card lines being cancelled as we incorrectly reported.
Referring to securities company's tapping the discount window, that's 30B in one week not 30T.
Well friends, ARE YOU SITTING DOWN??
The day began with the BUSH/ROBERTS exposures hitting the Supreme Court with the same overwhelming force as Treasury yesterday. Meetings of the Justices began this morning and were ongoing this evening.
 BUSH had again stopped deliveries last night. The packages had left the xxxxxx vault in New York as we were informed but had gone to ROBERTS at the court not to us as we thought.
The meeting deteriorated into full blown confrontation with ROBERTS claiming authority to do most anything, the other Justices taking exception. Worded another way there was one hell of a fight inside the court today and ROBERTS got the crap kicked out of him. His control of Treasury was stripped mid-day. By mid-afternoon his resignation was demanded by tomorrow morning. Later we learned that a great deal of money is missing from Treasury and that it had been linked to ROBERTS. In addition, we heard that ROBERTS had been given control of Treasury for the express purpose of looting the Department for BUSH, not just ALL tax receipts but ALL money in Treasury (no info where the money was to be moved to). Then we learned the PLAN was ROBERTS/BUSH get the money then ROBERTS uses his position as head of the Court to see to it that we NEVER get the packages. Along the way we hear there are more "players" involved than just BUSH and ROBERTS.
Now it's early evening and word comes that ROBERTS has now "rolled over" on BUSH. That 9T, yes T, is missing from Treasury (being retrieved). That the Court, via a unanimous vote, will now go after BUSH's resignation and are going after the CLINTON'S, CARLYLE and PAPA.  And , before i forget, guess who was BUSH'S and ROBERTS "advisor" regarding how to pull this off- none other-are you ready for this-HENRY KISSINGER.  Now everyone in D.C. has become/is becoming aware of all this and are demanding to know how/where they can obtain additional information and some historical context and of course they are being referred to  which we hear through channels has enjoyed an increase in traffic this very day.
On another front we continue to hear that five big Commercial Banks and five big Investment Banks are being taken down and "they are taking no prisoners".
We are hearing the Court wants deliveries tomorrow if possible, Monday if not. Expense Debit Card and line of credit against offshore deposits.
And, i know i shouldn't do this but i just can't help myself, "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink".
Within Treasury they are referring to PAULSON as "the double". Now isn't that interesting? And suddenly ROBERTS not PAULSON is /WAS running Treasury??????
Well, thats it for tonight. Hope you stayed up and that it was worth the wait. HAPPY EASTER.
              casper   3-21-08   late evening
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