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Casper Update: March 21, 2008

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He stood six foot six
and weighted 245
a giant of a man
went into the mine
to save his friend
but he didn't come out ????
Oh Boy!! The poo poo is in the fan at the Court this morning. Word is that Court employees, having learned of the boss's shenanigans, are now just as upset as Treasury employees.  There is much speculation in the hallways, we hear, about the size of ROBERTS "cut". We also hear that PAULSON has not been seen in Treasury for some time lending credence to ROBERTS assertions that he is running Treasury.
 Some say it is WANTA's tax money being diverted. All we know for sure is that it is not ROBERTS money and it is not BUSH's money. It is the peoples money. Further speculation is that ROBERTS has been offered the usual BUSH Blue Plate Special, a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs if you get our drift. We also hear he (ROBERTS) has stopped taking calls so now they are having trouble keeping paper in the fax machine. And lots and lots of e-mails too. Turmoil, toil and trouble we hear.
No further word regarding the BERNAKE resignation.
Several sources say deliveries today, into the banks Tuesday. Unable to explain the dichotomy, into banks Tuesday-all money offshore. Other sources say no deliveries until Tuesday. WE just don't know.
Financial news says the non-banks rushed to the discount window as soon as the FED opened it to them for the first time ever, borrowing some 30T in one week using trash paper as collateral. Gas on the fire. More of what caused the problems in the first place. Save the crooks and pass the expenses to the taxpayers as they don't understand it anyway. Poor BERNAKE, he inherited this mess from the weasel (GREENSPAN).
Exposures such as those occurring this week cause them to draw the curtain ever tighter. There is nothing to do but wait and see which shark swallows which shark.
Meanwhile let us all turn our attention to the true meaning of the EASTER season and understand that there will be no headlines reading "BUSH DEFEATS GOD".
Happy Easter        casper    3-21-08