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Casper: 2nd Update: March 20, 2008

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Follow the bouncing ball.
After dozens of attempts by BUSH to access the tax receipts with JOHN ROBERTS eventually joining in the endeavor, and after the additional attempt last evening which was to have been a "final" failed attempt which we reported earlier today, we now learn that ROBERTS has this morning personally overridden the security codes and allowed BUSH access to a very substantial portion (amount not yet known) of the tax receipts.
This on again-off again, yes he did-no he didn't, is a real time blow by blow description of what is happening and is coming to you from sources we deem to be 100% reliable.
This struggle, this tug-o-war over the tax receipts has resulted in JOHN ROBERTS over ruling everything (security mechanisms) and everyone (those charged with not allowing this to happen) and has personally delivered up to BUSH a very substantial portion of the tax receipts this very morning. 
Of course we would like to tell you how we know this but obviously we can not.
The question is what does this mean?
It could mean that deliveries are enroute as part of a backroom deal and will arrive within the next five minutes.
It could mean now that BUSH has gotten what he wants he will or perhaps already has stopped deliveries.
In any event it means he is now "flush" with new money and to the extent there was pressure to deliver in order to get his hands on the tax receipts that pressure has been relieved thanks to his pawn and bosom buddy JOHN ROBERTS.
Like last evening's message which resulted in phone lines up there being overwhelmed this morning, this message, this info, should be shared far and wide so that those in a position to act are alerted to the need to do so.
                casper    3-20-08    midday