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Casper Update: March 19, 2008

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Deliveries off till Thurs. & Friday, Reasons Unclear.
Fourwinds received a communication from STORY saying the gag order referred to in his recent update was a reference to WANTA being gagged vis a vis STORY not a non-disclosure precluding WANTA talking at all. WE on the other hand referred to information provided us months ago that WANTA had signed non-disclosures and could not talk period. Actually we don't know whether our information is/was accurate as its not our deal so we pass things along when they crop up without serious investigation and otherwise leave this playing field to those talking to the principals, i.e. STORY.
There is so much we don't know and things we hear are always subject to mis-interpretation. WE also receive conflicting information each day and while we do everything possible to sort things out before reporting we have been caught in "their" web of deceit before.
By way of example some reports say BUSH blackmailed or bribed his way into accessing some of the tax monies.
Other sources say hogwash, not true.
Which is right?
The former, we hear, even though the Court denied it.  Would that not be a most tightly held secret if true?
We hear John Roberts facilitated this theft for BUSH and that it was not the first time they went bobbing for apples. Apples which belong to TREASURY ( we the people) not BUSH. 
Now they have the issue of gun control before them, the last defense of a "free"(ha) people against a corrupt government. We have seen what Roberts and Bush's other lackeys on the court have recently done to the plain language of the Constitution (see  
Desiring NOT to become a "Financial Newsletter Writer'  We usually avoid the daily market B.S. but we should all realize that "they" are throwing everything including the kitchen sink into the attempt to save the banks and the system.
Friday's Fed Res swap of Treasury instruments for 200B$ of the banks most worthless paper was followed today by the lowering of Fannie and Freddy's Reserve Requirements by another 200B$ leaving these upside down under water GSE's even more fragile. 
They dropped interest rates another full point this week and last which will result in consumer price increases for necessities (save the corrupt financial institutions on the backs of the citizens).
Then they opened the discount window to Investment Banks (non depository institutions) for the first time ever (unlimited borrowing by the very entities which created this fiasco).
Then the big boys go running to the window in an attempt to remove the historical stigma associated with a trip to the window (have some punch boys$$$, lets all get drunk on disguised taxpayer funds and laugh at the people we previously screwed).
Then they (PPT) "whipsaw" the equity and commodities markets, a classic move to sucker the typical market participant out of as much money as possible by busting stops in both directions. 
As long as the Fed is still standing, still creating money out of thin air, still bailing out the crooks at taxpayer expense, debasing the value of our existing currency we must ask "where is the new Treasury/Global Banking metals backed Basel regulated banking  system"? 
Accessing our tax money in advance of deliveries, perhaps more than once, the opposite of what the Court said it had ruled earlier this week, proves not only that they are LIARS, something we already knew, but opens Pandora's Box as to who is who, and whether there is anyone anywhere that can be trusted.
This was a sacred cow.
An extreme no no. If true, and we have multiple reports that it is true, demonstrates once again that whether through blackmail, bribery or something else BUSH continues to rule the roost not to mention JOHN ROBERTS.
One report says CARLYLE was involved in this, another says the money is to save CHASE, another says Fannie/Freddy and, now isn't this a coincidence, the amount involved is 3.1T. Now where have we heard that number before? 
Even if this could somehow be justified as a legitimate "advance" of Treasury's tax money to BUSH's control due some "emergency consideration" (saving Carlyle or Banks or Fannie & Freddy) does it not say that BUSH is in "control" right now and may very well remain in "control" after funding???
What does that say about "Constitutional Announcements", etc..
The "storyline" we are getting says this was done so that BUSH would "allow" deliveries tomorrow and Friday with announcements Friday night.
It remains to be seen whether we are getting accurate info or Some More of Their Lies.
             casper    3-19-08