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Casper Second Update: March 18, 2008

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When BUSH ordered deliveries stopped the carrier of the all important Freedom packages sequestered them in their vault in New York. Once again he was somehow forced to sign off on deliveries and signed J.W. BUSCH. In spite of this we hear the packages have left New York for immediate delivery.
Meanwhile, in addition to the extreme upset of PAULSON yesterday word cometh that BERNAKE has or will resign. BUSH said "you can't do that", BERNAKE said (paraphrasing) "screw you, the situation is out of control and getting worse and i want no part of it". WE think he will hold off announcing until a replacement is found (or perhaps the announcements will reduce his position dramatically). WE hear five more investment banks will go down along with five big commercial banks. BUSH's threats to the Senate and phone taps now confirmed from additional sources. WE also have vague reports of FITZGERALD about to step in with the SUPREME COURT vis a vis BUSH. Something to the effect that "he has now had a belly full of BUSH". Well bless his little heart. He has been sitting on everything for a year or more.
WE hear the District Attorney in St. Louis will be mailing letters to Dotson participants tomorrow and that Dotson is really in jail there, no bond, wire fraud. But we also hear his program money is safe and participants will be paid. Like Wanta this is not "our deal" so we are passing this info along to interested parties knowing they must be on pins and needles regarding their investment in Dotson.
More GERMAN BANKERS stole more money and moved it to SWITZERLAND. They have been arrested, the money retrieved.
The packs are on the move we hear, and announcements are to accompany deliveries instead of days later.
Regarding STORY's current update he has finally learned of WANTA's non-disclosure signature (gag order) we mentioned a month ago. He obviously still expects WANTA to receive so thats good news.
The situation in D.C. and the crisis in the world financial system appears out of control and beyond our ability to describe. Besides which we probably don't know five percent of all that is going on.
       casper    3-18-08   evening