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Casper Update: March 18, 2008

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BUSH stopped it again.
D.C. telephones are being illegally wire tapped and everybody who is anybody has been told that if they say anything, anything at all, they will be immediately fired. It appears BUSH issued a Presidential Directive or an Executive Order to carriers after stating that he "rules the world and nobody tells him what to do". Given PAULSON'S demeanor (extreme anxiety) upon exiting the White House meeting of Economic Advisors yesterday afternoon we think this is when BUSH issued the orders.
Of course this violates again all agreements, documents, signatures, etc.. Whets new? He is still a sick and evil man.
This attempt at maintenance of "the status quo" (preservation of corrupt banking and financial system) at any cost leads to the absolute and total destruction of the U.S. and its citizens as their (our) living standards follow the intentional destruction of the dollar into the abyss. The FED is MANUFACTURING MONEY at breakneck speed and taking level three assets (worthless) from banks onto their books and to hell with the consequences. They have decided to save the corrupt financial system even at the expense of bankrupting the average citizen through currency devaluation, hyperinflation and theft of savings and investments as pension's, 401K's, mutual fund assets etc. are destroyed. And to simultaneously destroy the value of the reserves of all our creditor nations. The "plunge protection team" will cover the truth with mayonnaise (market manipulation) as long as possible. ANYTHING to prevent exposure and loss of power.
It is very very difficult to obtain accurate news right now but we think, we hear, steps are being taken to overcome the DRS (dirty rotten scoundrel).  
It appears tomorrow will be the earliest possible, even that depends on current behind the scenes activity.
             casper    3-18-08
p.s. Short of another 9-11 or instigation of world war the BUSH mafia will be overcome.