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Casper Update: March 15, 2008

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There was an attempt to break into the Germain Trust Friday morning. Involved, as we understand it, was BUSH, the QUEEN, TONY BLAIR and the FRENCHMAN (Barbara Bush's brother-Wilson Franklin Pierce). We hear SENIOR was left "over there" when JUNIOR returned earlier in the week so it was likely Senior leading this latest effort. We think this was the reason deliveries did not occur yesterday but are not absolutely sure of that. The court ordered deliveries have been re-verified several times including the addition of World Court Orders. "By Tuesday" is the telephone mantra. WE have reason to believe it will be today.
WE continue to hear the SUITCASE will be released and BUSH will get toasted.
There was a secret mid-night session of the HOUSE or of CONGRESS mid-week with all present sworn to secrecy.
There are "loose ends" here there and yonder we hear about and any one of which could conceivably delay things a day or two but generally speaking we hear those loose ends apply to those things which follow us.
The orders from both COURTS are real so let us hope they are followed and deliveries are this weekend.
                    casper     3-15-08