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Casper Update: March 13, 2008

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JUNIOR, LAURA and SENIOR are off to KOREA on a desperate search for $$. Left Tuesday night as I recall as their most recent attempted theft (of Wanta tax funds this time) was caught and stopped throwing them into another tizzy. This caused him to jerk the packs back to the court before he left town, spite we suppose. This, not "trustee's in the banks", is the real reason for the most recent delay. The packs went back out yesterday late and delivery is expected later today.
Yes the FRENCHMAN finished and actually got paid. Necessary last minute paper work was moved back and forth and completed. CITI and CHASE made a desperate move on BERNAKE for capital, he said no. And BBC says CARYLE (BUSH controlled) will have to be liquidated, supposedly CORP. not just their hedge fund (on t.v. over there this morning).
Many thanks to BELLRINGER,  and RUSBACHER, www.rumor mill, for their posted responses to CASPER'S ramblings Sunday. I find it fascinating that each messenger has a somewhat different understanding of the big picture. With the exception of STORY who is definitely in a world of his own, there are many similarities and yet many many differences between each of our understandings. Thanks again.
Financial think tanks in Europe say worldwide crash by September. Other reports say by June. It is unfolding daily not on a specific future date. Hopefully the banking changes and program funding will change the anticipated outcome.
Oh yes, forgot to mention, Clinton was involved in the attempt to grab the Wanta tax money. They failed thus the desperate trip to Korea.
We fully expect TODAY and if so WE will be busy at the bank like you, so if this is IT--farewell my friends.
                casper   3-13-08 
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